Speaking Up

The fury in US cities is rooted in a long history of racist policing, violence and inequality
Clare Corbould | The Conversation
Racist policing, legal and extra-legal discrimination, exclusion from the major avenues of wealth creation and vicious stereotyping have long histories and endure today.
Time to Return Home
More and more buses are leaving the cities every day, helping migrant workers escape the lockdown.
Gender dimension of living alone and COVID-19
These times have released concerns about male-dependency in household matters.
Curse of Caste: Lessons from Ambedkar in times of corona
Sanjay Kumar
A society with no fraternity forces its members to suffer individually and silently.
A prodding judiciary in times of emergencies [Part 1]
Mihir Desai
On the unwillingness of the SC in addressing concerns related to COVID-19.
Denial of Bail to Arrested Activists During Pandemic Is Double Persecution: PUDR
Newsclick Report
The exclusionary attitude towards a section of prisoners based on their alleged offence has led to these elderly and vulnerable inmates being forced to reside in abysmal prison conditions even during a pandemic.
Masked Lives
Anand Haridas