Speaking Up

Political Prisoners – V
ICF Team
Who is not a political prisoner when the collective life of a people is governed by walls and divides?
Who is Arun Ferreira and Why is He in Jail?
Sandeep Pandey, Atul
Arun Ferreira, a civil rights activist and human rights lawyer,has been behind bars since June 6, 2018.
Israel is an Apartheid State: Now is the Time to Speak Out
BDS India
Apartheid was wrong in South Africa, it is wrong in Palestine.
UN Must Investigate Apartheid in Palestine and Impose Sanctions
Palestinian BDS National Committee
Call for justice by 452 global civil society organizations to the UN.
Media Policy 2020: Mocking Freedom of Speech and Expression in Jammu and Kashmir
Misbah Reshi
The new media policy has taken away the basic principle of a free press and systematically stifled all forms of dissent
Undermining of Rights Based Legislation since 2014
Varda in Conversation with Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey & Rakshita Swamy
Drawing on some of the important themes of the book which emphasizes on decentralization and participation, they also discuss the centralized and non-participatory decision-making of the current government.
The Real Cyber Bully: Police In Kashmir Question Twitter Users
Auqib Javeed/Article 14
Dozens of Twitter accounts in Kashmir are silent after users were interrogated by the police.