Speaking Up

Online Open Book Exams During Pandemic — A Revenge on Students?
Saumyajit Bhattacharya
There are serious accessibility and equity concerns that this process entails.
COVID-19: How Lockdown has Pushed Rural Wedding Dancers in UP to Verge of Starvation
Saurabh Sharma
"I personally have lost more than Rs 50,000 due to this coronavirus disease and today I am under a debt of Rs 20,000.”
Arivu’s “Hashtag Justice” questions custodial killings and asks who the real criminal is
ICF Team
Arivu has always used his music as a weapon of protest.
A Cartoonist’s Ordeal
Rahul Machaiah
On the FIR against cartoonist Roy Ponnanna, and the state's attempts at suppressing humour as dissent.
We Are in Palestine, Habibi, and Palestine Is Heaven
Vijay Prashad
It is impossible to be calm about the fate of the Palestinian people.
When will we have equitable access to fruits of development?
Sandeep Pandey, Kushagra Kumar
The poor development indices don't make the vast masses involved feel secure.
When jail, not bail, rules in a pandemic
Nilima Dutta, Susan Abraham
The pandemic is worse showcased in the treatment meted to undertrials in our prisons.