Bol | Asmaa Azaizeh reads The Sacrificial Poem

"It's not easy… if you’re a minority, if you’re dismissed, if you’re oppressed", says Asmaa Azaizeh.  A Palestinian poet and the first director of the Mahmoud Darwish Museum in Ramallah, Asmaa has also worked as a journalist for Palestinian and Arabic newspapers for several years.

This week for Bol, we present Asmaa's  "The Sacrificial Poem" in her own voice — powerful and resilient. The poem has been translated into English by Yasmine Seale.

I want to say a word about slaughter,
about the slaughtered tents
in slaughtered lands.
About their residents,
who fell from their mothers
already slaughtered.
About the mothers, slaughtered
in warehouses and wells
like hens
with the knives of their children.