To dissent is not a crime! More than 500 concerned citizens call for the release of activists on humanitarian grounds.

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the health of 11 respected fellow citizens:

1. Mr. Varavara Rao

2. Ms. Sudha Bhardwaj

3. Ms. Shoma Sen

4.  Mr. Anand Teltumbde

5. Mr. Gautam Navlakha

6. Mr. Arun Ferreira

7. Mr. Vernon Gonsalvez

8. Mr. Surendra Gadling

9.  Mr. Mahesh Raut

10. Mr. Sudhir Dhawale

11. Mr. Rona Wilson

These activists, many of them eminent scholars, writers and poets, have worked for the welfare of India's poorest and most marginalised people over decades. Yet they have been turned into politcal prisoners and incarcerated. They have not been granted bail despite the fact that in the prisons of Maharashtra where they are being detained, some inmates have died and many others have tested positive for COVID-19. 

In Assam, Akhil Gogoi, who has repeatedly raised his voice against human rights violations by the state, has been denied bail. 

These activists are not convicted criminals. Nor are they planning to flee the country and escape the law. We demand that they be granted bail immediately on humanitarian grounds as their lives are at risk at a time when a pandemic is raging across the country. We have learnt that Mr. Varavara Rao who is 80 years old is already ill and has been removed to a police hospital.

It is also shocking that Safoora Zargar, the pregnant student from Jamia Millia University in her second trimester, who was arrested for protesting against the CAA, is being denied bail. This places her life and that of her unborn child at risk. 

Young student leaders too, including from Jamia University and JNU, who led the democratic, peaceful public protests in Delhi, challenging the CAA, NPR and NRC, have been implicated in criminal cases and placed behind bars, during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Safoora Zargar and the other students should all be granted bail along with the activists mentioned above. 

The fear of the the COVID-19 "rampaging through prisons" has been expressed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. 

It’s also worth remembering that the American Bar Association – Center for Human Rights has called on the Indian government to immediately release human rights defenders being incarcerated in jails across India. 

We are very disturbed at the insistence on incarcerating eminent human rights defenders and student dissenters under such circumstances. The focus should surely not be on the suppression of dissent in our country, but on the containment of the pandemic for all, in prison and out of it.

If some of our most eminent social activists, and dissenting students, all of who selflessly strove for a better India,  are deliberately lodged in jails where the COVID-19 is waiting to devastate their health, then the government shall be held wholly responsible for any detrimental impact of COVID-19 on the said persons.

We, the people of India, as well as the rest of the world, will be watching closely how those who stand with the marginalised and democratically dissent are treated by this government. All activists and human rights defenders should be immediately released on bail. We demand nothing less.

Read the statement in Hindi here.
Read the statement in Kannada here.
Read the statement in Bangla here.
Read the statement in Marathi here.
Read the statement in Malayalam here.

In solidarity,

1 A Mangai (Theatreperson) 252 Nandita Das (Film Director, Actor)
2 A Selvaraj (Retired Civil Servant) 253 Nandita Haksar (Lawyer)
3 Abeer Chakravarty (Concerned Citizen) 254 Nandita Palchoudhuri (Concerned Citizen)
4 Abha Bhaiya (Concerned Citizen) 255 Nandita Puri (Author and Journalist)
5 Abha Dev Habib (Assistant Professor, University of Delhi) 256 Nandita Puri (Author and Journalist)
6 Abhijit Mazumdar (Teacher) 257 Nandita Puri (Author and Journalist)
7 Abhijit Sengupta (Retired Civil Servant) 258 Naresh Dadhich (Emeritus Professor, Scientist)
8 Abhish Mathew (Comedian) 259 Naseeruddin Shah (Actor, Director, Teacher)
9 Achin Vanaik (Retired Professor of International Relations) 260 Natasha Badhwar (Writer, Film-maker)
10 Adil Jussawalla (Poet) 261 Navanita Lahiri (Concerned Citizen)
11 Aditi Mediratta (Writer) 262 Nayantara Sahgal (Writer)
12 Adoor Gopalakrishnan (Filmmaker) 263 Neel Dutt (Music Composer)
13 Afaque Azad (Sound Engineer) 264 Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry (Theatre director)
14 Ahmehussain Shaikh (Retired Banker) 265 Neena Verma (Concerned Citizen)
15 Ajay Noro (Filmmaker) 266 Neeraj Ghaywan (Filmmaker)
16 Ajit Kumar Ray (Professor, University of North Bengal) 267 Neeraj Malik (Writer)
17 Ajitha GS (Editor) 268 Neeta Kolhatkar (Independent journalist)
18 Akeel Bilgrami (Professor, Columbia University) 269 Nikhil Dey (Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan)
19 Alankrita Srivastav (Writer, Filmmaker) 270 Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay (Author and Journalist)
20 Ambikasuthan Mangad (Malayalam Fiction Writer and Activist) 271 Nilima Sheikh (Painter)
21 Ameet Parameswaran (Assistant Professor, JNU) 272 Nilkanth N Meshram (Concerned Citizen)
22 Amit Bhaduri (Former Professor Emeritus at JNU) 273 Nilkanth N Meshram (Concerned Citizen)
23 Amit Chaudhuri (Author) 274 Niranjan Pant (Retired Civil Servant)
24 Amita Joseph (Advocate) 275 Nirmala Garg (Writer)
25 Amitabh Pandey (Writer) 276 Nisha Biswas (Scientist and Activist)
26 Amitabha Pande (IAS Retired) 277 Nisha Philip (Artist)
27 Amitav Ghosh (Writer) 278 Nityanand Jayaraman (Writer, social activist)
28 Amiya Bhusan Tripathy (Retired civil servant) 279 Nityanand Tiwari (Writer)
29 Ammu Joseph (Journalist and Author) 280 Nivedita Basu (Writer, Producer)
30 Amol Palekar (Filmmaker) 281 NK Raghupathy (Retired Civil Servant)
31 Anand BK (Indie Documentary Filmmaker & Historian) 282 Nupur Asthana (Film Director)
32 Ananta Mahapatra (Director, Film & Theatre) 283 Oishik Sircar (Concerned Citizen)
33 Ananth Iyer (Recruitment Professional) 284 Onir (Writer, Filmmaker)
34 Ania Loomba (Academic) 285 Orijit Sen (Artist)
35 Anik Dutt (Film Director) 286 Padma Ramesh (Concerned Citizen)
36 Animesh Chakraborty (Editor) 287 Padmaja Shaw (Retired Professor, Osmania University)
37 Anirban Bhattacharya (Theatre and Film Actor) 288 Padmakumar N (Concerned Citizen)
38 Aniruddha Deb Psychiatrist and concerned citizen 289 Pallab Sarkar (Assistant Professor, City College, Kolkata)
39 Anita Kanwal (Actor/designer) 290 Pamela Philipose (Journalist)
40 Anita Rampal (Educationist) 291 Pankaj Bisht (Writer)
41 Anitha Thampi (Poet) 292 Paul Zacharia (Fiction writer)
42 Anju Dodiya (Artist) 293 Pia Ganguly (Writer)
43 Ankur Tewari (Singer, Lyricist) 294 Piyali Ganguly (Painter, Writer and Ex-journalist)
44 Anna Dani (Retired Civil Servant) 295 PK Pokker (Writer, Visiting Professor, Calicut University)
45 Annu Dhandhi (Concerned Citizen) 296 Poile Sengupta (Writer)
46 Anuradha Chenoy (Professor, JNU) 297 Pooja Bhatt (Actor, Producer)
47 Anuradha Kapoor (Feminist, Activist) 298 Poornalingam R (Retired Civil Servant)
48 Anuradha Kapur (Former director of National School of Drama) 299 Poornima (Artist)
49 Anurag Kashyap (Filmmaker) 300 PR Dasgupta (Retired Civil Servant)
50 Ànvita Abbi (Linguist) 301 Prabha Pandey (Writer)
51 Anwar Ali (Poet) 302 Pradip Kakkar (Active Citizen)
52 Aparna Sen (Filmmaker, Writer, Actor) 303 Prakash Raj (Film Actor, Director & Producer)
53 Apoorv Thacker (Filmmaker) 304 Pramod Ranjan (Writer)
54 Arjun Sengupta (Assistant Professor, TISS Hyderabad) 305 Praveen Singh (Concerned Citizen)
55 Arpita Chatterjee (Writer) 306 Preethi Maroli (Brand Consultant)
56 Arshia Dhar (Journalist) 307 Prem Tiwari (Writer)
57 Arun Goyal (Writer) 308 Premila Nazareth Satyanand (Concerned Citizen)
58 Aruna Roy (Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan) 309 Priti Chandriani (Concerned Citizen)
59 Arundhati Dhuru (NAPM) 310 Priti Issar (Farmer/Educator)
60 Arundhati Roy (Writer) 311 Priyanka Bhaduri (Mental Health Worker)
61 Asghar Wajahat (Writer) 312 Priyanka Londhe (Concerned Citizen)
62 Ashim Kumar Mukherjee (Retired Professor, IIT BHU) 313 PSS Thomas (Retired Civil Servant)
63 Ashok Bhowmic (Writer) 314 Punam Zutshi ( Artist and Independent Social Scientist)
64 Ashok Kumar Maitra (Professor, IIESTS) 315 Pushpamala N (Painter and Installation Artist)
65 Ashok Kumar Pandey (Writer) 316 Quasar Thakore Padamsee (Theatre Director)
66 Ashok Kumar Sharma (Retired Civil Servant) 317 R Narayan (Teacher)
67 Ashok Vajpeyi (Poet) 318 R Padmini (Social Activist)
68 Atamjit (Playwright and Director) 319 Rabin Chakraborty (Concerned Citizen)
69 Atul Gurtu (Scientist) 320 Rachel Chatterjee (Retired Civil Servant)
70 Atul Kumar (Theatre Actor, Director, Producer) 321 Radha Kumar (Writer)
71 Averee Chaurey (Concerned Citizen) 322 Radhika Jhaveri (Concerned Citizen)
72 Ayesha Kidwai (Professor, JNU) 323 Rahamath Tarikere (Academic, critic)
73 Ayushya Kaul (PhD Peace and Conflict Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia) 324 Rahman Abbas (Writer)
74 Badri Raina (Writer) 325 Rahul Khullar (Retired Civil Servant)
75 Bajrang Bihari (Writer) 326 Raja Mitra (Filmmaker)
76 Bama (Writer) 327 Rajashri Dasgupta (Journalist)
77 Banani Kakkar (Enviromentalist) 328 Rajeev Rai (Consulting Structural Engineer)
78 Bhanuj Kappal (Independent Journalist) 329 Rajendra Chenni (Writer)
79 Bharati Jagannathan (Associate Professor, Delhi University) 330 Rajesh Joshi (Writer)
80 Bibi Russell (UNESCO Artist for Peace) 331 Rajiv Gupta (Former Professor, University of Rajasthan)
81 Bikram Ghosh (Percussionist, Music Composer) 332 Raju Sharma (Retired Civil Servant)
82 Binita Mukherjee (Concerned Citizen) 333 Rakhi Basu (Designer)
83 Bolan Gangopadhyay (Freelance Journalist) 334 Rakhi Sarkar (Art Curator)
84 Brijesh Kumar (Retired Civil Servant) 335 Ram Rahman (Photographer)
85 BRP Bhaskar (Journalist) 336 Ram Sharan Joshi (Writer)
86 C Balakrishnan (Retired Civil Servant) 337 Rani Day Burra (Filmmaker/editor)
87 Chaman Lal (Author and Retired Professor, JNU) 338 Ranjan Ghosh (Writer and Director)
88 Chanchal Chauhan (Writer) 339

Ratheesh Pisharody (Writer & Environmental Activist, Bengaluru)

89 Chandrakant Patil ( Poet and Writer ) 340 Ratna Pathak Shah (Actor, Theatre Worker)
90 Chandrakant Patil (Writer, Academic) 341 Ratnaboli Bose (Concerned Citizen)
91 Chandrima Roy (Concerned Citizen) 342 Ravi Kiran Ayyagari (Filmmaker)
92 Chhitra Subramaniam (Film Producer) 343 Reena Mohan (Filmmaker)
93 Chinmay Shrotri (Filmmaker) 344 Rekha Awasthi (Writer)
94 Chiranjib Sen (Economist) 345 Riddhi Sen (Theatre & Film Actor)
95 CK Meena (Freelance Journalist and Author) 346 Ridhima Mehra (Concerned Citizen)
96 Dakxin Chhara (Filmmaker and Dramaturge) 347 Ritu Menon (Feminist Writer & Publisher)
97 Damodar Mauzo (Writer) 348 Riyas Komu (Artist)
98 Danish Aslam (Writer, Filmmaker) 349 Rochito Talukder (Concerned Citizen)
99 Darshan Shah (Textile Entrepreneur) 350 Romila Thapar (Historian)
100 David Solomon (Bagaicha) 351 Roshmi Goswami (Human rights activist)
101 Deb Mukharji (Retired Civil Servant) 352 Rukhsar Nafis (Concerned Citizen)
102 Debajyoti Mishra (Musician & Composer) 353 Rukmini Bhaya Nair (Professor of Linguistics and Writer)
103 Debashis Dutt (Doctor) 354 RV Ramani (Filmmaker)
104 Debi Mukhopadhyay (Teacher and Writer) 355

S Krishnaswamy (Retired Professor Ex Madurai Kamaraj University)

105 Deepak Sanan (Retired Civil Servant) 356 S Raghunandana (Kannada poet, playwright, stage director)
106 Devaki Khanna (Freelance editor) 357 Sahba Husain (Writer)
107 Devashish Makhija (Screenwriter & Filmmaker) 358 Saikat Majumdar (Writer)
108 Devi Prasad Mishr (Writer) 359 Saleem Peeradina (Writer)
109 Devika Banerjee (Interior Designer) 360 Salil Biswas (Concerned Citizen)
110 Dhritiman Chaterji (Actor and Communicator) 361 Salim Yusufji (Freelance editor)
111 Dibakar Bhattacharjya (Advocate) 362 Sam Kadri (Concerned Citizen)
112 Dwarika Prasad Charumitra (Writer) 363 Sameera Iyengar (Theatreperson and Cultural Practitioner)
113 Elizabeth Koshy (Film Producer) 364 Samik Bandyopadhyay (Critic of the Arts)
114 Faisal Khan (Social Worker and Activist) 365 Samina Mishra (Filmmaker, Writer & Teacher)
115 Firoza Khan (Filmmaker) 366 Sanal Kumar Sasidharan (Film Maker, Kerala)
116 Freny Manecksha (Independent Journalist) 367 Sandeep Pandey (Socialist Party (India))
117 G Balachandhran (Retired Civil Servant) 368 Sandeep Vaidya (Technology Professional, Activist)
118 G Ramakrishna (Retired professor) 369 Sandhya Gokhale (Writer, Filmmaker)
119 G Sankaran (Retired President, CEGAT) 370 Sanjay Bhattacharyya (Concerned Citizen)
120 Gajendra Narayan Sharma (Concerned Citizen) 371 Sanjay Kak (Filmmaker and Writer)
121 Gangadharan Menon (Writer and Teacher) 372 Sanjay S Upadhyay (Writer/Director)
122 Gautam Landge (Concerned Citizen) 373 Sanjay Walke (IT professional endorse)
123 Gavin Methalaka (Theatre and Film Actor) 374

Sanjaya Kumar Bohidar (Associate Professor, Delhi University)

124 Geeta Kapur (Art historian, Delhi) 375 Sanjeev Kumar (Writer)
125 Geeta Seshu (Co-editor, Free Speech Collective) 376 Sanjib Mukhopadhyay (Gynaecologist & health activist)
126 Geeta Shah (Concerned Citizen) 377 Sankar Varma (Research Fellow)
127 Geetanjali Shree (Writer) 378 Santhosh S (Writer)
128 Giovanna Leva (Ballet teacher, choreographer) 379 Sarala M (Retired Lecturar)
129 Girdhar Rathi (Writer) 380 Sashi Kumar (Journalist)
130 Githa Hariharan (Writer) 381 Satish Chand Abbi (Retired Professor, IIT Delhi)
131 GN Devy (Social Scientist) 382 Satvir Singh (Concerned Citizen)
132 Goutam Ghose (Filmmaker) 383 Satyabhama Subramanian (Retired civil servant)
133 GS Cheema (Retired Civil Servant and writer) 384 Saumya Chakrabarti (Professor, Visva-Bharati University)
134 Guneet Monga (CEO/Producer) 385

Saumyajit Bhattacharya (Associate Professor, University of Delhi)

135 Gyan Pandey (Professor of History, Emory University) 386 Sayani Gupta (Actor)
136 Hansal Mehta (Film Director) 387 Shabana Azmi (Film and Theatre Actor)
137 Hansal Mehta (Filmmaker) 388 Shabnam Hashmi (Social activist)
138 Haridas Pada (Concerned Citizen) 389 Shabuddin Sayed (Civil Construction Co)
139 Harikesh Bairwa (Singer & Theare activist) 390 Shahana Goswami (Actor)
140 Hariyash Rai (Writer) 391 Shahnaab Alam (Film Producer)
141 Harsh Deo (Journalist) 392 Shaili Sathyu (Theatre practitioner)
142 Harsh Mander (Activist, writer) 393 Shamya Dasgupta (Journalist)
143 Hemant Divate (Poet and Publisher) 394 Shanka Ghosh (Poet, Bengal)
144 Hemlata Mahishwar (Writer) 395 Shankar Singh (Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan)
145 Hindal Tyabji (Retired Civil Servant) 396 Sharad Raj (Filmmaker)
146 Hiralal Rajasthani (Writer) 397 Sharada Ganesh (Environmental Activist & Writer)
147 Hitten Tejwani (Actor, Director) 398 Sharda Dixit (Concerned Citizen)
148 Hussain Haidry (Poet, Writer) 399 Sharda Ugra (Journalist)
149 Ibbar Rabbi (Writer) 400 Shashi Deshpande (Writer)
150 ID Khajuria (Concerned Citizen) 401 Shashi Kumar Singh (Concerned Citizen)
151 Inder Salim (Performance artist) 402 Sheba Chhachhi (Artist/Photographer)
152 Indira Chandrasekhar (Scientist, Writer, Editor) 403 Shefali Jha (Academic)
153 Indira Jaising (Lawyers Collective) 404 Shobha Banerjee (Concerned Citizen)
154 Indrajit Dasgupta (Concerned Citizen) 405 Shoma A Chatterji (Writer)
155 Indrani Mukherjee (Producer) 406 Shoma Chaudhury (Journalist)
156 Ira Ghosh (Teacher and Communicator) 407 Shreekumar (Organic Farmer)
157 Irene Dhar Malik (Film Editor) 408 Shruti Seth (Actor)
158 Ish Mishra (Writer/academic) 409 Shubhra Chaturvedi (Artist and Photographer)
159 Ishrat Syed (Writer) 410 Shuchi Kaushik (Educationist)
160 Jaaved Jaaferi (Actor-Producer) 411 Sipra Mukherjee (Professor, West Bengal State University)
161 Jabeen Merchant (Film Editor) 412 SK Das (Architect)
162 Javed Akhtar (Poet, Lyricist, Writer) 413 Smriti Nevatia (Writer, Film professional)
163 Javed Malick (Writer) 414 Somok Roy (Graduate Student, University of Delhi)
164 Jawahar Sircar (Rtd. Culture Secretary of India) 415 Soumitra Chatterjee (Film and Theatre Actor)
165 Jayanta Ray (Concerned Citizen) 416 Sourendro-Soumyojit (Musician Duo)
166 Jayashree Dasgupta (Rabindrasangeet singer) 417 Souvik Mondal (Script writer & Filmmaker)
167 Jayati Ghosh (Professor, JNU) 418 SS Venkateswaran (Data scientist)
168 Jean Dreze (Economist) 419

Subhasis Bandyopadhyay (Associate Professor, IIEST, Shibpur)

169 Jeroo Mulla (Concerned Citizen) 420 Subhasmita Chakrabarti (Creative Producer)
170 JM Parakh (Writer) 421 Subhir Rajan Mavunkal (Concerned Citizen)
171 Joy Goswami (Poet, Writer, Bengal) 422 Subir Das (Chartered Accountant)
172 Jyothi A (Activist and Writer) 423 Subodh Lal (Retired Civil Servant)
173 Jyoti Punwani Freelance journalist 424 Suchismita Dasgupta (Textile & Costume Designer)
174 K John Koshy (Retired Civil Servant) 425 Suchitra Krishnamoorthi (Artist)
175 K M Srinivasa Gowda (Former Professor of Pathology) 426 Suchsmita Dasgupta (Textiles and Costume Designer)
176 K Padma (Advocate) 427 Sudeshna Banerjee (Independent researcher and editor)
177 K Srilata (Poet, Chennai) 428 Sudeshna Basu (Journalist)
178 K. Satchidanandan (Poet, academic, translator) 429 Sudhanshi Vasudev (Concerned Citizen)
179 Kabi (Activist) 430 Sudhanva Deshpande (Author, Actor, Publisher)
180 Kalki Koechlin (Actor) 431 Sudhir Chandra (Writer)
181 Kalpana Swaminathan (Writer) 432 Sudhir Patwardhan (Artist)
182 Kalyani Chaudhuri (Retired civil servant) 433 Sudhir Vombatkere (Rtd. Major General)
183 Kamla Bhaseen (Social Activist) 434 Suhaas Ahuja (Actor, Musician)
184 Karthik Venkatesh (Writer and Editor) 435 Suhasini Mulay (Actor)
185 Kaushik Sen (Theatre Director, Film & Theatre Actor) 436 Sukhversha Chopra (Writer)
186 Kaustav Bakshi (Assistant Professor, Jadavpur University) 437 Suman Kansra (Concerned Citizen)
187 Kavita Krishnan (Secretary, AIPWA) 438 Suman Mukhopadhyay (Theatre and film director)
188 Kavitha Lankesh (Filmmaker) 439 Sumanta Banerjee (Writer and Political Commentator)
189 Keki Daruwalla (Poet) 440 Sumantra Ghosal (Filmmaker)
190 KG Sankara Pillai (Poet) 441 Sumi Krishna (Independent Scholar)
191 Koel Sen (Filmmaker & Artist) 442 Sumit Sarkar (Historian)
192 Konkona Sensharma (Film Director, Writer, Actor) 443 Sundar Burra (Retired Civil Servant)
193 KP Ramanunni (Writer) 444 Sunil Shanbag (Theatre Director)
194 KP Sasi (Filmmaker) 445 Sunita Kakralia (Concerned Citizen)
195 Krishna K Ladha (Professor) 446 Sunita Reddy (Concerned Citizen)
196 Krishna Roy (Concerned Citizen) 447 Sunny Lahiri (Cinematographer/Writer)
197 Krishnendu Karar (Director, writer, production designer) 448 Surajit Mazumdar (Professor, JNU)
198 Kumar Prashant (Chairman,Gandhi Peace Foundation) 449 Suresh Babu (Concerned Citizen)
199 Kumar Shahani (Filmmaker) 450 Suresh K Goel (Retired Civil Servant)
200 Kumkum Roy (Historian) 451 Susan (Counsellor)
201 Kunal Basu (Concerned Citizen) 452 Sushil Khanna (Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta)
202 Kuttirevathi (Poet, Tamil) 453 Sushma Mishra (Trainer and Traveller)
203 Lakshay (Concerned Citizen) 454 Suyash Maurya (Research Scholar)
204 Layashree Joshi (Filmmaker) 455 Swara Bhaskar (Actor)
205 Lillete Dubey (Film & Theatre Actor) 456 Syeda Hameed (Activist, educationist & writer)
206 MA Baby (Educationsist and Parliamentarian) 457 Tabasheer Zutshi (Designer)
207 Madhu Bhaduri (Former Ambassador) 458 Talmiz Ahmad (Retd Ambassador)
208 Madhusree Dutta (Filmmaker and Curator) 459 Tanika Sarkar ( Historian)
209 Maithili Rao (Film Critic & Author) 460 Tanmay Dhanania (Actor)
210 Makarand Sathe (Writer) 461 Taran Gulati (SVP, Project Management)
211 Mala Dayal (Publisher, writer) 462 Tejal Kanitkar (Associate Professor, NIAS)
212 Mallika Sarabhai (Dancer) 463 Tilottama Sarkar (Tiruvannamalai)
213 Mamta Sagar (Poet, Translator) 464 TM Krishna (Musician, Writer)
214 Mamta Singh (Concerned Citizen) 465 Toopsi Ray (Concerned Citizen)
215 Mangad Rathnakaran (Writer) 466 Uma Biju (Costume Designer)
216 Mangalesh Dabral (Poet) 467 Uma Chakravarti (Historian)
217 Manishi Jani (Writer) 468 Uma DaCunha (Film Critic and Writer)
218 Manju Kapur (Writer) 469 Uma DaCunha (Film Festival Programmer)
219 Manohar Notani (Writer-Translator) 470 Umakant, Independent Scholar
220 Manoj Kulkarni (Writer) 471 Uttam Sirur (Writer)
221 Mansi Bhatt (Visual artist) 472 Uttara Varma Assistant News Editor
222 Mariette Valsan (Model/Actor/Activist) 473 Vandana Kataria (Writer, Director, Production Designer)
223 Maya Krishna Rao (Theatre Artist) 474 Vandana mahar (Producer, writer)
224 Meena Gupta (Retired Civil Servant) 475 Vedika (Concerned Citizen, writer & poet)
225 Meenal Tatpati (Environmental Researcher) 476 Veena Bakshi (Filmmaker)
226 Meenu Vadera (Social Activist) 477 Vibha Puri Das (Retired Civil Servant)
227 Meera Devidayal (Artist) 478

Vijay Padaki (Theatre Educator and Management Professor)

228 Mehernosh Bharucha (Concerned Citizen) 479 Vijay Prashad (LeftWord Books)
229 MG Devasahayam (Retired Civil Servant) 480 Vikas Narayan Rai (Writer)
230 Miloon Kothari (Human Rights Scholar/Activist) 481 Vikas Sivaraman (Cinematographer)
231 Mira Nair (Filmmaker) 482 Vikram Anand (Concerned Citizen)
232 Mithu Das (Associate Professor, Calcutta University) 483 Vikram Iyengar (Dancer, Choreographer-curator)
233 MMP Singh (Writer) 484 Vikram Soni (Concerned Citizen)
234 Mohankumar V (Professor, Manipal) 485 Vikramaditya Motwane (Filmmaker)
235 Monica Raheja (Producer) 486 Vinay Shukla (Concerned Citizen)
236 MP Pratheesh (Poet) 487 Vincent Sunder (Concerned Citizen)
237 Mridula Koshy (Writer and Library Movement Activist) 488 Vinod Raja (Filmmaker)
238 MS Sriram (Faculty Member IIMB) 489 Viplav Teltumbde (Advocate)
239 Mudar Patheria (Communicator) 490 Vishal (Student)
240 Muhammad Mach (Scientist/Engineer) 491 Vishnu Nagar (Poet)
241 Mukul Kesavan (Writer) 492 Vishwanath Tripathi (Writer)
242 Mustafa Rangwala (Writer) 493 Vishwesh Rajratnam (Lecturer)
243 N Manu Chakravarthy (Professor of English) 494 Vistasp Hodiwala (Advertising Professional)
244 Nagalsamy (Retired Civil Servant) 495 Vivan Sundaram (Artist)
245 Naina Dayal (Academic) 496 Vivek Madan (Theatre actor, producer)
246 Namita Singh (Writer) 497 VP Raja (Retired Civil Servant)
247 Nancy Adajania (Cultural Theorist and Curator) 498 Yaaneea Bharadwaj (Actor)
248 Nandana Reddy (Activist) 499 Yusuf Kirmani (Senior Journalist)
249 Nandini Rao (Screenwriter) 500 Zeena Oberoi (Researcher)
250 Nandini Sundar (Sociologist) 501 Zoya Hasan (Political scientist)
251 Nandita Bagchi (Associate Professor)    


This post was updated on June 19, 2020.