May Day under Covid-19 Lockdown

On 1 May 2020, the New Delhi based independent bookstore, May Day Bookstore, held an online May Day festival, featuring 11 performers/speakers from three continents. The whole show, lasting over 12 hours, was continuously live-streamed using exclusively non-corporate platforms, developed by the Free Software Movement.

This is a film about how it all came together.

Featuring Roger Waters of Pink Floyd from the US; Aisi Taisi Democracy from Mumbai and Delhi, India; Tania Saleh from Lebanon; José Delgado from Venezuela; As Cantedeiras from Brazil; Aamir Aziz from Mumbai, India; Aishe Ghosh from Durgapur, India; Martín Espada from the US; Jana Natya Manch from Delhi, India; Prakash Karat from Delhi, India; and M.D. Pallavi from Bangalore, India.

First published in May Day Bookstore.