Delhi government: Do what we elected you to do!


Our fellow citizens in Northeast Delhi are in urgent need of support: food, shelter, clothes, medicine. Some NGOs and individuals are providing what help they can. But where is the Delhi government? It is the civic duty of the government to provide the large-scale relief that people desperately need – and which cannot be replicated by the voluntary efforts of civil society groups. These include

  • Proper relief camps rather than ill equipped shelter homes for a large number of people, able to provide food, clean water, sanitation, clothes.
  • A 24-hour well-serviced health outpost, and safe private spaces for women and children.
  • Kits, standardized by humanitarian agencies, that include sets of clothes and underwear, toiletries, sanitary napkins, milk powder and other necessary items.

The Delhi government has promised compensation and assistance with papers. But this does not offer immediate and basic support to alleviate the suffering of the people. In addition to basics such as food, shelter and medical attention, our brothers and sisters in Northeast Delhi also require emotional, financial and legal support. We appeal to the Delhi government to ensure

  • Legal assistance posts with trained lawyers, supported by law students equipped to file urgent missing person reports, as well as individual FIRs for each episode of violence.
  • Replacement of documents destroyed, such as Aadhar cards, voters’ cards or ration cards, other official documents without cost.
  • Rescheduling of the CBSE examinations for children who could not appear in the examination.

We call on the Delhi government to do what we so recently elected them to do. To fulfill their promise of serving the people – especially those who are today living in fear and need in their own city.

Read the statement in Hindi here.

1 A Mangai 41 Mala Dayal
2 Abhijit Sengupta 42 Mallika Sarabhai
3 Akeel Bilgrami 43 Mangad Rathnakaran
4 Amit Bhaduri 44 MP Pratheesh
5 Amit Chaudhuri 45 Mridula Koshy
6 Amitav Ghosh 46 Naina Dayal
7 Ammu Joseph 47 Natasha Badhwar
8 Amrita Johri 48 Navsharan Singh
9 Anand Patwardhan 49 Nayantara Sahgal
10 Ania Loomba 50 Paranjoy Guha Thakurta
11 Anjali Bhardwaj 51 Poile Sengupta
12 Anuradha Chenoy 52 Prabir Purkayastha
13 Anuradha Kapur 53 Pushpamala N
14 Apoorvanand 54 Rahman Abbas
15 Aruna Roy 55 Ram Rahman
16 Ashok Vajpeyi 56 Ram Ramaswamy
17 Atamjit Singh 57 Rishabh Bailey
18 Ayesha Kidwai 58 Ritu Menon
19 Badri Raina 59 Romila Thapar
20 Bezwada Wilson 60 Rukmini Bhaya Nair
21 Bhasha Singh 61 S Raghunandana
22 Chaman Lal 62 Saba Dewan
23 Chandrakant Patil 63 Salim Yusufji
24 D Raghunandan 64 Sambhaji Bhagat
25 Damodar Mauzo 65 Sanjeev Kumar
26 Devaki Khanna 66 SG Vasudev
27 Girdhar Rathi 67 Shafey Kidwai
28 Githa Hariharan 68 Shanta Gokhale
29 Harsh Mander 69 Shoma Chatterji
30 J Devika 70 Shyam Menon
31 Jayati Ghosh 71 Sudhir Chandra
32 Jyothi A 72 Sumangala Damodaran
33 Jyoti Punwani 73 Syantani Chatterjee
34 K P Fabian 74 Urmilesh
35 K Satchidanandan 75 Urvashi Butalia
36 K Srilata 76 Vaasanthi
37 Kamal Mitra Chenoy 77 Vijay Prashad
38 Kamla Bhasin 78 Vivek Narayanan
39 Karthik Venkatesh 79 Yousuf Saeed
40 Madhu Bhaduri 80 Zoya Hasan