• Professor, He is Our Professor

    Statement in solidarity with Professor Hany Babu

    September 11, 2019

    We, the undersigned students, express our outrage upon learning that his house has been searched by the police in connection to his alleged involvement in the Elgar Parishad-Bhima Koregaon case which the Pune police are investigating.

    While we feel that the law must take its own course, we also make it clear that these surprise searches without warrants are illegal and amount to extreme harassment. It is incumbent upon legal institutions to oppose such arbitrary raids and prevent/oppose the misuse of inherently dangerous laws such as the UAPA. The Pune police has, in the past, arrested five human rights activists, and have tried to arrest other human rights activists but were prevented from doing so after the Supreme Court stepped in. Since then, the Bombay High Court has released Dr Anand Teltumbde after his arrest by the Pune police in connection with the same case. The same court also extended Gautam Navlakha’s period of protection from arrest after it found no substantial evidence against him. The good judgement of our honourable courts suggests that this case is nothing but an example of prolonged intimidation and harassment by the Pune police, and, by extension, the current government in power, to silence activists, professors and other citizens who support human rights in this country.

    Keeping this in mind, we also offer our support to Professor Hany Babu and express our confidence in him. Hany Babu, among many other professional duties, teaches an M Phil course on language policy and linguistic debates. In one of his classes, he had shared the 2015 Chennai Declaration of Linguistic Rights with us. Here are some excerpts from the document:

    Considering that the current language policies of the Union Government of India are detrimental to the very survival and development of languages spoken by various communities in the Indian Union,

    Considering that in the name of development, English is given over-emphasis and the all pervasive and increasing phenomenon of English dominating every aspect of our lives and replacing all the languages in the Indian Union in the public and private spaces, thus restricting our linguistic, cultural and economic choices;


    All languages in the Indian Union are considered to be equal and each language community has the right to conserve, develop and empower their languages in all possible ways and means in a democratic milieu.

    Given how much Hany Babu cares for language equality and the inalienable right of every language in the Union of India to advance, it is indeed shocking that the Indian state has harassed such an individual. Teaching in an English department, Hany Babu also understood the immense power the English language carried with itself, and helped many of us understand the inevitable exclusions the English language makes possible. Hany Babu’s demand for language equality is allied to his demand for breaking caste exclusions in how knowledge is organised, as his article published in The Economic and Political Weekly testifies. Apart from being a teacher at DU, Hany Babu is also part of the Alliance for Social Justice, a forum for opposing caste discrimination in the university. We feel the Indian state should recognise the importance of the work that he does towards the creation of an equitable society as both an academic and an activist. If any student, or a teacher for that matter, faced any form of discrimination, they knew that Hany Babu’s door was always open for them. As students we do not merely learn from him as a teacher, but are also inspired by his political work.

    And just as Hany Babu taught us to care for language rights, we demand that the Indian state accord him the dignity to live with his inalienable rights as a citizen of India. Even if the Indian state fails to keep its promise, we take this opportunity to offer our solidarity to Hany Babu, who is not just a citizen of India (a mere official status given by the sovereign state), but also our professor. We offer our support, our solidarity, our love to our Professor.

    Soumyabrata Choudhury, writing of another professor, Professor Saitya Brata Das (who was denied a promotion at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) — one among many attacks the university has faced since the current government came to power), asked in his essay, who is a professor?

    …the true professor begins to exist only when we have freed her from all measurable accomplishments, all quantifiable evidence, from everything that can equally be manipulated and falsified. In fact, the professor has discreetly withdrawn from the spectacle, while those sitting masterfully in the audience presume to judge the “performance” as to whether it is worthy of what they call a professor. Like all presumptive people, they are wrong to think they can sit in judgement merely because they have the so-called institutional authority to do so. The professor’s existence is often too discreet for the discretionary authority of the judges to capture. So, while the vice chancellor of JNU misses the honour of presenting Das with a professorship, we are honoured to read his work and learn from him – and to greet him in admiration, gratitude, and camaraderie: “Professor!

    Just as the then Vice Chancellor of JNU had missed the honour of presenting Das with professorship, the police, in harassing Hany Babu, has lost its opportunity to understand the true worth of the person whom they suspect of a crime.

    And it is only imperative now that we, Hany Babu’s students, “greet him in admiration, gratitude, and camaraderie” and proudly proclaim to the world, “Professor!, he is our Professor!”

    Through this statement we strengthen our resolve to support him and the work he does as a teacher-organiser towards an equitable society.

    In solidarity,

    Signed by

    1. Amitrajeet Mukherjee, MPhil 2018-2020, English, DU

    2. Deepak, MPhil 2018-2020 English, DU

    3. Kamna Singh, MPhil 2018-2020 English, DU

    4. Priyanka Arora, MPhil 2018-2020 English, DU

    5. Aakash Sinha, MPhil 2018-2020 English, DU

    6. Jennish Moirangthem, MPhil 2018-2020 English, DU

    7. Ashna K Asok, MPhil 2018-2020 English, DU

    8. Uddipana Bora, MPhil 2018-2020 English, DU

    9. Asief Aliyar, MA English. 2018-2020

    10. Pratiksha Pathak, M Phil (2019-2021) English, Cardiff University

    11. Vini Bhati, MA English 2016- 2018, DU

    12. Maulikta Kohli, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    13. Mahak Jain, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    14. Ravinder Kaur MA (2016-2018) English DU

    15. Aiman Gul MA (2016-2018) English DU

    16. Tarun Sharma, MA (2015-2017), English DU

    17. Amanpreet Kaur, MA (2015-2017), English DU

    18. Sakshi Dhaulta, MA (2015-2017), English DU

    19. Heena Chauhan, MA (2014-16) English DU, M Phil (2017-2019) DU

    20. Tasnim Nazifa Choudhury, MA (2017-2019), English DU

    21. Saheb Kaur, MA (2014-2016) English DU

    22. Charu Smriti, MA (2014-2016) English DU

    23. Ankita Nair, MA (2014-2016) English DU; currently, PhD research scholar, IIT Gandhinagar.

    24. Debayudh Chatterjee, MA (2013-15), M Phil (2015-2017), English DU; currently PhD scholar, English Dept, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    25. Girish Dahiya, M Phil (2013-2015), English DU.

    26. Sanchita Khurana, MA (2010-2012) English DU; currently, PhD research scholar, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU

    27. Jitender Jatav MA (2012-2014) English DU

    28. Samrat Sharma, M Phil (2017-2019), English DU

    29. Saumya Sethia, M Phil (2017-2019), English DU

    30. Hiba Ahmed, M Phil (2017-2019), English DU

    31. Deeksha Yadav, M Phil (2017-2019), English DU

    32. Himanshi Saini, M Phil (2017-2019), English DU; currently, Asst Prof, LSR, English DU

    33. Souradeep Roy, MA (2013-2015), M Phil (2015-2017), English, DU; currently, Research Scholar, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU

    34. Rajorshi is M Phil 2014-16 English DU; currently PhD research scholar, English, University of Iowa

    35. Menka Ahlawat, MA (2013-2015) English, DU.

    36. Gertrude Lamare, MA English, DU, 2011-2013; currently, Research Scholar, the London School of Economics and Political Science

    37. Shamayita Sen, PhD research scholar, DU, English

    38. Thelma Ramthienghlim, PhD research scholar, DU, English

    39. Hansa, MPhil 2018-20, English, DU

    40. Sindhoora Pemmaraju, MA English 2018, DU

    41. Tina Borah, MA English 2018, DU, Currently Assistant Editor, Agency Reporter

    42. Seemita Bhattacharya, MA English 2018, DU

    43. Shuchita Joshi, MA English 2018, DU

    44. Bandana Sapam, MA English 2018, DU

    45. Anushtha Saxena, MA English 2018, DU

    46. Aditi Barman Roy, MPhil in SWS, Jadavpur University, 2019-2021

    47. Anusha Kaman, MA English 2018, DU

    48. Apoorva Dimri, MPhil 2018-20, English, DU

    49. Aindrila Choudhury, MPhil in SWS, Jadavpur University (pursuing)

    50. Anupama Madhusudan, MA English 2018, DU

    51. Raghav Verma, PhD Scholar, University of Tübingen, Germany

    52. Nawal Nagi, MA English 2018 DU, Assistant Professor AAU (current)

    53. Shagun Lal, MA English 2018 DU, Currently pursuing LLB, DU

    54. Visudha N, MA English 2018, DU

    55. Mithilesh Yadav, MA English 2018, DU

    56. Pooja Duggal, MA English 2018, DU, Currently an Assistant Professor at KMV College

    57. Abhilasha Kujur, MPhil 2018-2020, English,DU

    58. Shibangi Dash, MPhil 2018-2020, English, DU

    59. Priyanka Roy, MPhil 2018-2020, English, DU

    60. Akshaya Choudhury, MPhil 2018-2020, DU

    61. Shannon Mathew, MA Media Studies, Class of 2019, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands

    62. Madhurima Sen, MPhil 2018-2020, English, DU

    63. Reyna Shruti, LLB. Law Faculty 2017-2020, DU

    64. Ch. Ronika Devi, MA English 2018, DU

    65. Arijit Nandi, MA English 2018, DU, Currently pursuing MPhil in English, Jadavpur University

    66. Sreya Samaddar, MA English 2018, DU

    67. Anjali Joshi, MA English 2018, DU

    68. Tanya Singh, MA English 2018, DU, Currently Assistant Editor at Yoda Press

    69. Roopam Maheshwari, MA English 2018, DU

    70. Ankita Srivastava, MA in Global History Berlin Freie University and Humboldt University, Germany

    71. Shruti Kirti, MA English 2018, DU

    72. Marshika Chauhan, MA English 2018, DU

    73. Somok Roy, M.A. History, 2019-2021, DU

    74. Meenu Lodhi, M.Phil. 2018-2020, English, DU

    75. Nidhi Angurala, M.Phil. 2018-2020, English, DU

    76. Pallavi, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    77. Suyash Maurya, M.Phil. 2018-2020, English, DU

    78. Shruti Kirti, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    79. Helena Pebam, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    80. Kenny Kongkham, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    81. Honey, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    82. Marshika Chauhan, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    83. Arka Mukhopadhyay, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    84. Akansha Mongia, English, 2014-2018, DU

    85. Vasudha Singh, LLB. 2018-2021, DU

    86. Anshul Mukherji, M.A. English 2018-2020, DU

    87. Sailen Katel, M.A. English 2016-2018, DU

    88. Sunil Kumar, MPhil English 2018-202, DU

    89. Simran Mittal, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    90. Anibal Goth, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    91. Uday Khanna, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    92. Avinash Kumar Badhwan, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    93. Aribam Siddharth Sharma, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    94. Kajal Kumari, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    95. Prachi Gupta, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    96. Shivani Adhana, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    97. Manjari Singh, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    98. N. P. Ashley, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, St. Stephen’s College

    99. Pauline Lallawmzuali, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    100. Arsheya, MA English, 2016-2018, DU, Currently pursuing a masters of teaching at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

    101. Poulomi Nag, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    102. Megha Mukherjee, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    103. Krishtijeet Das, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    104. Tushar Sharma, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    105. Ketan Mehta, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    106. Asmita Anand, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    107. Himanshi Kandwal, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    108. Aradhana Lamichhane, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    109. Somya Charan Pahadi, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    110. Adarsh Yadav, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    111. Simran Bardia, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    112. Mridul Kiku, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    113. Anu, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    114. Rachel John, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    115. Debobroto Sensharma, Postdoctoral Researcher, Bernal Institute, University of Limerick, Ireland

    116. Riya Nagar, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    117. Debangana Pal, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    118. Paulomi Das, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    119. Deepanwita Dey, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    120. Safia Habib, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    121. Hemant Kumar, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    122. Shailee Rajak, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    123. Ragasree K P, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    124. Varsha A, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    125. Rashi Chauhan, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    126. Richa, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    127. Heeranshi Sharma, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    128. Simran Singh, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    129. Khushi Gupta, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    130. Navoneel Ray, MA History, 2017-2019, JNU.

    131. Altmash Ahmad, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    132. Shivam Yadav, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    133. Mouli Majhi, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    134. Khushboo, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    135. Eliza Anjum, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    136. Anindita Bose, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    137. Avica Bedi, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    138. Humra Laeeq, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    139. Diksha Chandra, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    140. Mehak Fatima, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    141. Tazeen Ali, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    142. Arnav Gogoi, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    143. Annie Mariya Simon, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    144. Divya Singh, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    145. Nokdyamen, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    146. Shweta Sharma, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    147. Anshika Sharma, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    148. Aarti, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    149. Himanshu Balhara, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    150. Tanurima Shau, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    151. Himanshu, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    152. Mohammed Zanskar Danish, BA History, 2014-2017, St. Stephen’s College

    153. Dipank, MA English, 2015-2017, DU

    154. Henna Razak, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    155. Parvathy V, MA English, 2015-2017, DU

    156. Arjumand Ara, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    157. Kanika Prabala, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    158. Shashi Shekhar, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    159. Shivangi Kanojia. MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    160. Kanishka Singh, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    161. Manisha Vishwakarma, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    162. Kirti Bansal, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    163. Iqra Raza, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    164. Ashutosh, LLB, Faculty of Law (LC-2), 2016-2019, DU

    165. Imesenla Lemtur, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    166. Dikshya Samantrai, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    167. Harikrishnan Menoth, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    168. Deepshikha Behera, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    169. Mayuri Saikia, MA English, 2016-2017, DU

    170. Mahima Kapoor, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    171. Romey Oldworth, MA (Hons) English, 2014-2019, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    172. Mansi Draboo, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    173. Rasha Fathima, MA English, 2018-2020, DU


    1. Chinmaya Lal Thakur, MA English 2016-2018, DU and currently PhD Research Scholar, Dept. of Creative Arts and English, La Trobe University.

    2. Mantra Mukim, MA (2014-2016), M.Phil (2016-2018), PhD candidate, English Department, University of Warwick.

    3. Anushka Maheshwari, BA (Hons) Philosophy 2017-2020, St. Stephen’s College

    4. Priyam Goswami Choudhury, BA Hindu College (2011-14), MA Hindu College (2011-12), currently PhD researcher, Uni. Potsdam in Potsdam, Germany.

    5. Dipannita Ghosh, PhD, JNU

    6. Titas Bose, MA English (DU) 2014-2016, Currently PhD, JNU

    7. Indu Kumari, Mphil, JNU

    8. Manya Misra, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    9. Nishant Prakash, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    10. Debatri Sengupta, MA English (DU) 2014-2016

    11. Bhaswar Faisal Khan, MA English (DU) 2014-2016

    12. Richa Dawar, MA English (DU) 2014-2016,

    13. Heena Chauhan, MA English (DU) 2014-2016

    14. Michi Nunya, MA English (DU) 2014-2016

    15. Kanika Katyal, MA English (DU) 2014-2016, MPhil English 2016-18.

    16. Aditi Nagar, MA English (DU) 2016-2018

    17. Raveena Kohli, MA English (DU) 2015-17

    18. Sayan Chaudhury, MA English (DU) 2011-13

    19. Moinak Banerjee, PhD, JNU

    20. Trevor Jayaraj, MPhil English, 2013-2015, DU

    21. Diksha Makhija, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    22. Gayatri Mehta. MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    23. Ritu Jangid, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    24. Shailesh Kumar Sahu, MA English, 2016-2018, DU Currently PhD scholar at Indira Gandhi National Tribal University and co-supervised by Dr. Hany Babu

    25. Harsha Panigrahi, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    26. Sakshi Saini, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    27. Mehk Chakraborty, BA (Hons) Political Science, Presidency University, 2013-2016, Kolkata

    28. Diksha, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    29. Shefali Singh, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2014-2017

    30. Hitesh Kumar, MA English, 2015-2017, DU

    31. Ritu Singh, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    32. Dipank, MA English 2015-2017, MPhil CIL 2018-2020,DU

    33. Poulomi Paul, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    34. Bune Bethseba LD, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    35. Sayantani Mukhopadhyay, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    36. Ng Aquiline, MA English, 2013-2015, DU

    37. Swarnika Ahuja, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    38. Sanstuti Nath, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    39. Meenakshi, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    40. Nikita Dugar, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    41. Swati Sharma, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    42. Rashmi Mantri, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    43. Abhishek Aman, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    44. Anamika Ahongshangbam, MA English, 2015-2017, DU

    45. Nilanjana Ray, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    46. Nimisha Salim, MA English, 2017-2019, DU

    47. Sanket Sarkar, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    48. Saira Bhanu, MA English, 2017-2019, DU

    49. Shivani Thaku, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    50. Nirmala, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    51. Shubhangi Yadav, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    52. Samiksha, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    53. Puneeta Budhwar, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    54. Siddhi Jangid, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    55. Aanchal Poonia, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    56. Purobi Banerjee, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    57. Shalu Chauhan, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    58. Shreejeeta Ghosh, MA Englishm 2018-2020, DU

    59. Satya P. Mohanty, Professor at the Department of English, Cornell University

    60. Ishita, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    61. Nishita Khattar, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    62. Nishi Paliwal, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    63. Aditi Sundan, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    64. Disha Singh, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    65. Anukriti Jayant, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    66. Srishti Chaudhary, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    67. Thayee Krishna, MA English, 2016-2018, JNU

    68. Victoria Burns, MA in Global History, Freie University and Humboldt University, Germany

    69. Rahaf Salahat, Bachelors in Political Science, Al-Qurds Bard College, Palestine

    70. Garima Prakash, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    71. Sonali Dahiya, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    72. Shubham Alphonze Mamgain, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    73. Arundhati Chauhan, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2014-2017

    74. Shivani Kasumra, BA (Hons) History, St. Stephen’s College, 2014-2017

    75. Priyank Jain, MA English, 2016-2018, DU, currently PhD scholar at National University of Malaysia

    76. Soumava Maity, currently pursuing PhD in DU

    77. Nikita Tiwari, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    78. Neha Maria Mathew, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    79. Nikita Singh, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    80. Kritika Chauhan, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    81. Sanyogita, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    82. Ritesh Kumar, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    83. Sindhuja Dubey, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    84. Shubhadip Mukherjee, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    85. Sukriti Kapoor, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    86. Shalini Jha, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    87. Anagha Rakta, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    88. Mouli Tamot, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    89. Chitra Rawat, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    90. Swati Mehta, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    91. Aparna K K, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    92. Taniya Hassan, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    93. Reetika Ghilan, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    94. Ananya Bhardwaj, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    95. Rachungailiu Gonmei, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    96. Aakash Sharma, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    97. Vasishali Negi, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    98. Tanya, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    99. Samriddhi, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    100. Shrimansi, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    101. Diwakar, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    102. Mayank Kumar, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    103. Kunal Kardam, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    104. Harsha Dhaniya, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    105. Pratyaksha, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    106. Susmita Banerjee, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    107. Ankit, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    108. Dipanjali, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    109. Keshav Bansal, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    110. Anil Choudhury, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    111. Afiya, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    112. Varshashaji, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    113. Divyansh Bhatt, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    114. Nandini, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    115. Abhinandini, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    116. Rohit, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    117. Susmita, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    118. Varsha Anil Nayar, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    119. Aritra Majumdar, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    120. Shubhangi, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    121. Divya, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    122. Sabaha Salim, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    123. Vanya Barthwal, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    124. Teresa Ruwndar, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    125. Naveen Solanki, BA (Hons) English, Motilal Nehru College, 2013-2016

    126. Vinayak Pant, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    127. Sanchita Sarkar, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    128. Jyoti Biswas, MA English, 2017-2019, DU

    129. Sumit Chaurasia, BA (Hons) English, Ramjas College, 2018-2021

    130. Sayandeb Chowdhury, Professor at Ambedkar University, Delhi

    131. Mehak Chuttani, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    132. Vaishnavi, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    133. Saumya, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    134. Shristi Jaiswal, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    135. Priya, MA English NCWEB, 2018-2020, DU

    136. Naina Sharma, MA English NCWEB, 2018-2020, DU

    137. Shilpi, MA English NCWEB, 2018-2020, DU

    138. Anjali Kumari, MA English NCWEB, 2018-2020, DU

    139. Sonali Sharma, MA English NCWEB, 2018-2020, DU

    140. Shruti Goel, MA English NCWEB, 2018-2020, DU

    141. Himani Verma, MA English NCWEB, 2018-2020, DU

    142. Karishma Sahoo, MA English NCWEB, 2018-2020, DU

    143. Dayarani, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    144. Sonia, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    145. Sreya Roy Chaudhury, BA (Hons) English, Miranda House, 2015-2018

    146. Somya Bisht, M.A. English 2016-2018, DU

    147. Manisha Choudhary M.Phil. 2018-2020,DU

    148. Kimi Roy, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    149. Snighdha Sood, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    150. Anmol Sahni, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    151. Moksh Kalra, BA (Hons) English, Ramjas College, 2017-2020

    152. Amit Kumar, LLB, Faculty of Law, DU

    153. Vidhi Gandhi, M.A. History, University of Delhi, 2019-2021

    154. Aanand Shekhar, MA History, 2019-2021, DU

    155. Ananyo Chakrabarti, BA (Hons) History, St. Stephen’s College, 2019-2022

    156. Nabila Ansari, BA (Hons) History, St. Stephen’s College, 2018-2021

    157. Suchintan Das, BA (Hons) History, St. Stephen’s College, 2018-2021

    158. Vighnesh Tekriwal, BA (Hons) English, Ramjas College, 2018-2021

    159. Riya Lohia, BA (Hons) English, Ramjas College, 2018-2021

    160. Kaushikee, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    161. Abhilasha Sawlani, PhD scholar from Ashoka University

    162. Zahra Rizi, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    163. Aditya Kumar, MA English, 2014-2016, DU

    164. Madiha Rehman, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    165. Debayan Das, BA (Hons) History, St. Stephen’s College, 2018-2021

    166. Arnaaz Zaman, BA (Hons) History, St. Stephen’s College, 2018-2021

    167. Garima Sharma, MA History, Ambedkar University, 2019-2021

    168. Vanya Goyal, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    169. Abha Kumar, MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    170. Ruchika Mattoo,MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    171. Kaustubh Mishra, MPhil English, 2018-2020, DU

    172. Marjory Ruiz, Masters in Global History, Freie University and Humboldt University, Germany

    173. Pallavi Rao, PhD scholar from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

    174. Kastoori Barua, MA English (2014-2016) DU, currently a Ph.D. student at University of Western Ontario.

    175. Anjali Thakur, MA English (2014-2016)

    176. Plabita Gogoi (MA Eng 2014-2016)

    177. Bijit Sinha (MA Eng 2014-2016)

    178. Neha Kumari (M.A English 2015-2017)

    179. Zarqua Adam, MA English (2014-16)

    180. Srija Sanyal MA English 2014-16

    181. Richa Sharma, MA English (2014-2016)

    182. Shashi, MA English (2014-17)

    183. Nazish Ashraf (MA English 2016) DU.

    184. Shalini Kaushik, MA English (2014-16)

    185. Bhawya Wadhera, MPhil English (2016-18)

    186. Veena Pillai, MA English (2014-16)

    187. Ankita Nair, MA English (2014-16)

    188. Snigdha Roy, MA English (2014-16)

    189. Prerna Grewal, MA English (2014-16)

    190. Ifrah Javaid, MA English (2014-2016), DU

    191. Aman Nawaz, M Phil English 2016-2018

    192. Prannay Pathak, MA English (2014-16)

    193. Rohan Munshi MA English (2014-16)

    194. Arpita Roy MA English (2014-16)

    195. Anuj Gupta, MA English (2013-2015)

    196. Nishtha Pandey, Batch 2014-16, currently a Research Scholar at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras.

    197. Purandhya Sharma, MA English (2014-16)

    198. Nisha Nirwal, MA English (2014-2016)

    199. Geetika, MA English (2013-2015); currently, actor

    200. Hema Sen, MA (2010-12) English DU

    201. Shweta Duseja, MA (2011-13) English DU

    202. Meenu Chaudhury, MA (2012-14) English DU

    203. Avantika Pokhriyal, MA (2012-14) English DU

    204. Thinkal Hasan, M Phil (2015-2017) English DU

    205. Somya Tyagi, M Phil (2015-2017) English DU

    206. Shruti Sareen (MA: 2007-2009, MPhil: 2010-2012, PhD: 2013-present)

    207. Jyotirmoy Talukdar, MA (2012-2014), MPhil (2014-2016) ENglish DU

    208. Students of Department of English, Miranda House, 2017-20: 75 students in that batch; information provided by Shivani Gautam

    209. Kalyani Rajendran, M Phil (2016-18) English DU

    210. Feba Rasheed, M Phil (2015-2017) English DU

    211. Namra Sultan, MA (2013-2015), M Phil (2015-17), English DU; currently PhD, English DU

    212. Mus’ab Abdul Salam, M Phil (2015-17), English DU

    213. Brian H. Singson, MA (2014-2016) English DU

    214. Aman Kumar, MA (2015-2017) English DU

    215. Azhar Uddin Sahaji MA (2013-2015), English DU

    216. Anderson Glashan, M Phil (2014-2016), English, DU

    217. Anubhav Pradhan, MA (2010-2012), English DU

    218. Shama Jan, MPhil. 2017-2019, English, DU

    219. Arpita Sarkar, MPhil 2014-2016, English, DU,

    220. Rachit Anand, MA (2011-2013), M Phil (2013-2015), English DU

    221. Ayushi Gupta, M.A. English, 2016-2018, DU

    222. Dr Sapna Dudeja, M.A. (2014-2016), English DU

    223. Ashima Jose, MA (2015-2017), English DU; currently, PhD in Cultural Studies, EFLU, Hyderabad

    224. Preeti Singh, MA (2017-2019), English DU

    225. Ankita Sadhukhan, MA (2019-2021) HIstory, DU

    226. Sumithra VM, MA (2017-2019) English, DU

    227. Dipank, MA (2015-2017) English DU; currently, M Phil (2018-2020), CIL, DU

    228. Ritu Jangid, MA (2016-2018), English DU

    229. Students of the Department of History, Miranda House, 2018-21: 40 students in this batch. Information conveyed by Gitanjali Malik, BA History, Miranda House.

    230. Students of Department of English, Miranda House, 2018-21: 80 students in this batch; information provided by Gitanjali Malik, BA History, Miranda House.

    231. Suhasini Das Gooptu, BA Political Science (2019-2021), Miranda House, DU

    232. Ishwari Arambam MA English, 2016-2018, DU

    233. Sanjukta Das Bhowmick, MA (2015-2017), English DU

    234. Pinki Bhatti, MA (2015-2017), English DU

    235. Amandeep Kaur, MA (2015-2017), English DU

    236. Ira Pundeer, MA (2012-2014), English DU

    237. Pragya Bharti, MA (2018-2020), English, DU

    238. Kanika Ahuja, MA (2018-2020), English DU

    239. Sreya Ann Oommen, currently, PhD, English DU

    240. Ambika Madhur, MA (2015-2017), English DU

    241. Anisha Koshy, MA (2016-2018), English DU

    242. Anurag Anand, MA (2018-2020), East Asian Studies

    243. Sudeshna Rana, MA (2016-2018), English DU

    244. Afsha Naaz, MA (2017-2019), English DU

    245. Abhinash Dash Choudhury, BA English (2015-2018) Ramjas College; currently, MA Comp Lit, Jadavpur University

    246. Rituparna Sengupta, MA (2010-2012), English DU; currently, PhD, Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi

    247. Hemant Kumar, MA (2010-2012), English DU

    248. Sukriti Khurana, MA (2010-2012), English DU

    249. Himanshi Sharma, MA (2013-2015), English DU

    250. Sudeshna Rana, MA (2016-2018), English DU

    251. Suman Bhagchandani, currently PhD English, Jamia Milia Islamia

    252. Ritwik Balo, currently PhD English, Jadavpur University

    253. Dr Gurram Seetaramulu, currently independent researcher; EFLU alumni

    254. Meenakshi Yadav, M Phil (2016-2018)

    255. Grace Mariam Raju, MA (2013-2015), English DU

    256. Anugya, M Phil, (2015-2017) English DU

    257. Neerav, M Phil (2010-2012), English DU

    258. Akanksha Singh. MA English (2012-2014)

    259. Tabish Bhatt, MA (2013-2015) English DU; currently, PhD, English DU

    260. Vishal Sharma, MA History, 2019-2021, DU

    261. Anam Fatima, MA English 2016-2018, DU

    262. Rajarshi Roy, MPhil English 2018-2020, Jadavpur University

    263. Ajit Anand, MA English 2011-2013, DU

    264. Tanvi Chowdhary, MA English, 2018-2020, DU

    265. Devika N, PhD scholar, JNU

    266. Shweta Gupta, MA English, 2019-2021, DU

    267. Akshit Goyal, Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

    268. Hemchandra Nameirakpam, MPhil English, 2014-2016, DU

    269. Deepanshu Mahajan, MPhil English, 2017-2019, DU

    270. Pratyosh Gogoi, MPhil English, 2017-2019, DU

    271. Linthoingambi Leimapokpam, MPhil English, 2017-2019, DU

    272. Pechimayum Bidyarani Devi, MA English, 2013-2015.

    273. Gurpreet Kaur, MPhil English, 2017-2019, DU

    274. Jyoti Raj Boken, MA English, 2014-2016, DU

    275. Debalina Pal, MPhil English, 2017-2019, DU

    276. Shweta Kushwaha, M Phil (2016-2018), English DU

    277. Anukriti Agarwal, M Phil (2015-2017), English DU

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