• Freedom from Violence, Fear, Hunger and Unemployment

    Join All India Women’s Protest Rally on September 4, 2018


    August 31, 2018

    Image Courtesy: Cryptome

    AIDWA has been constantly engaged in waging relentless struggles on the issues of increasing violence against women, and for the right to food and employment at various levels from the centre to local units and grass root levels. Since violence against women, joblessness and hunger are assuming alarming proportions, AIDWA has planned to organize an All India Protest Rally against Violence, Fear, Hunger and Unemployment in Delhi on September 4, 2018 to strengthen our ongoing struggles. Thousands of women from various states and all walks of life will take part in this momentous gathering.

    Please accept our warm invitation to be a part of this historic rally and send representatives from your organization to grace the occasion. Since the rally is also a launching pad for a larger unity and expression of our solidarity against the anti-people and anti-women policies of the present regime, your presence in the rally will be highly appreciated and lend extra strength to women’s collective power and the struggle for a world free from violence, hunger and communal divide.

    The Protest Rally will start from Mandi House at 11.00 am and will culminate at Parliament Street in a public meeting, which would be addressed by AIDWA Patron Brinda Karat, President Malini Bhattacharya, Vice President Subhashini Ali, General Secretary Mariam Dhawale and other AIDWA leaders.  Another feature of the rally would be the participation of victims of violence and their family members and symbols of resistance from various states, who have been waging a heroic struggle against the injustices meted out to them or their relatives and family members.

    We do hope that you will join us at the Protest Rally and be a part of our unified struggle for freedom from violence, fear, hunger and unemployment.

    With warm greetings,

    Malini Bhattacharya                                                   Mariam Dhawale

            President                                                            General Secretary

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