• Five Poems

    Samreen Sajeda

    October 16, 2017

                                                                                                                               Image courtesy:artble


    In Absentia

    Patient discharged, sent home to die.

    Final call:
    I board the earliest train
    To the funeral.

    House forlorn, shrouded in silence
    Empty even with people.

    Greeted by my little cousin
    Clinging to me,

    I am torn between relief and regret,
    For, my eyes have not been given
    Any proof.



    Her outburst
    Was like an infant’s
    Wailing, when

    Severed from its womb

    Before being force-wrapped
    Into a silk coil of secrets.



    Class— the size of an elephant!
    Stale breadth intermingled
    With sweat flavours the lazy afternoon.

    Someone told me
    “Yawning is contagious.”
    Mouths ape
    Eyes droop, falling into an abyss.

    Somewhere at a distance
    The teacher spoke—
    A haze over our dazed senses.


    The Verse Teacher

    A snake
    In false sleep
    Flashing fangs—

    Poisoning passions
    Of those that fail
    To dissect a tale.


    La View

    A lonely building
    Amidst hundreds

    Of plastic clad roofs,
    Melting walls.

    Waste set on fire
    Burns in ferocious fumes,
    Swiftly rising

    From the baked earth
    Into a blank sky.

    A building named
    ‘La View’.

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    Samreen Sajeda has completed her BA in English Literature from Sophia College, Mumbai. She is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature from the University of Mumbai.

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