• The Kite Flying

    Ananya Guha

    April 5, 2017

    (c) Rollie Mukherjee, 'Shadows', Mixed media on paper / awid.org

    the mountains 
    stagger under your 
    breath, heaviness 
    pounds, and the heart 
    barren, enemies infiltrate 
    scattering ashes.
    The number of deaths 
    lose count among 
    schools burnt —
    what will they learn?
    Mannequins in 
    closed rooms discuss 
    the future, a wild catcall in the dark.
    Come, be the beautiful valley 
    you are, interspersed with ravines
    and mountains scaling almighty 
    heights. Blinded, we cough 
    out wrath, as bullets pierce 
    your heart. We cannot:
    We cannot hum tunes, 
    cannot hear the beating of drums.
    Perhaps animals are slaughtered.
    Perhaps not.
    Perhaps children are still playing 
    waiting for sun set 
    and dusk to enter 
    pallid horizons.
    See the kite flying
    See the kite flying 
    arching across captive mountains.

    Ananya S. Guha is a writer based in Shillong. He works at the Indira Gandhi National Open University as a senior academic.

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