• How Many Wars

    Ladai Basu

    March 2, 2017

    How many wars were fought 
    Between India and Pakistan? 
    Except the red bloody tears
    Nothing else was floated in the war 
    Did Nehru taste the death? 
    Or did his relatives die?

    How many days did soldiers 
    Fight in the flagship of Kargil war? 
    Except the coffin boxes 
    Nothing else was found in the war
    The coffin boxes were sent to the villages 
    Was there a corpse of Vajapayee?
    Were there his relatives cadavers?
    Did Mushraf become a carcass?

    In the pretention of surgical strike 
    The sharp daggers pierce my Lords 
    How many gunfire did trigger to explode?
    Except the shrill clarion of the eagles
    Nothing else was heard in the war 
    Did Modi lose his last breath of life?
    Did his better half sacrifice her soul?
    Did Nawaz Sharif give away his life?

    Dear daughter Gur Mehar Kaur 
    What maybe the country for the war mongers?
    What maybe  the Land? What maybe the Party?
    Who could answer thy question 
    Raised in the orphaned long sigh?

    Only a daughter of deceased father
    Could pray for the eternal ceasefire of war 
    Come on daughter to the Land 
    Of no wars 
    Of no boundaries 
    Paint thy visionary dreams
    Thou art standing in This Land 
    And someone else in That Land 
    Enhance thy heritage clan
    Accompanies my daughter in thy company

    I know this much, dear daughter:  
    "One who underwent the labour pain 
    Could decipher the pain of orphanhood".

    Translated by D. B. Gavani

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