• Missing Student

    November 16, 2016

    (c) Akbar Padamsee / via redearthgalleries.com

    Missing Student

    A student missing 
    in the university 
    doesn't matter;
    the classes will
    and the student 
    will rue many 
    a time that 
    the classes 
    were not missing,
    the university 
    grounded in dust  
    in New Delhi.
    There is campus 
    a student is missing, 
    students protest – 
    where is he? 
    And the Vice Chancellor 
    it is good that technology 
    can now make us 
    expiate for frivolous 
    such as relocating 
    missing students.



    It has now been a month since Najeeb has gone missing. No action has been taken against the ABVP goons who assaulted Najeeb prior to his disappearance. On November 15, students from universities in Delhi protested at the "Freedom Square" in JNU against the apathy of the authority and administration in finding Najeeb. "Chalo JNU" was the nation wide call, demanding justice for Najeeb.

    Read about the background to Najeeb's disappearance, and the events thereafter here, here and here.



    Ananya S. Guha is a writer based in Shillong. He works at the Indira Gandhi National Open University as a senior academic.

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