• Stop War on People: Voices from Chhattisgarh

    Matidari: Forum for Peoples' Right to Land, Life and Dignity

    October 2, 2016

    Matidari: Forum for Peoples' Right to Land, Life and Dignity

    This compilation of the history of the affected areas, factual evidences, reports by fact-finding teams, photographs as well as experiences of journalists and lawyers who have worked in the area under siege, hopes to bring attention to the general Indian citizenry to the gross human rights abuses. The ongoing loot of villages, plundering of natural resources, fake encounters and mass rapes, and the destruction of an entire people, the adivasis, and their life practices carried out by the Indian security forces in the name of counter-insurgency operations needs to be brought to public discourse.

    We have collected these articles from various media houses, online magazines, newspapers and blogs with the intent to bring together voices speaking about the condition of Chhattisgarh. It is meant solely as a means of reaching out to people and we thank all the authors for daring to speak out in the face of repression. We hope that this will inspire more such voices to come together to stop the war on people. (from the Introduction)

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