• India Exclusion Report 2015

    Centre for Equity Studies

    July 30, 2016


    Image via Eoghan Bridge


    "This is the second edition of the India Exclusion Report, for the year 2015. As with the first Report in 2013–14, the attempt of this highly collaborative, trans-disciplinary annual enterprise is to bring together experts from many fields—scholars, human rights and development workers, policy makers, and persons from disadvantaged communities—to examine the outcomes of public policy, law, programmes, budgets, institutions and their functioning for all peoples, and specifically for peoples of disadvantage.

    The particular questions that these Exclusion Reports ask are: who, if anyone, is excluded—or adversely included—from equitable access to public goods, why and by what processes is such exclusion or adverse inclusion accomplished, and what can be done to change this to a more just and equitable set of outcomes?

    This series of Exclusion Reports attempts to be strongly evidence-based and empirical. At the same time, the diverse contributors to these Reports are bound by a kernel of shared normative and political convictions related to ideas of the just state, the just society, equity and solidarity. The Exclusion Reports are guided by specific constructs of the public good, exclusion and the role of the state."


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