• A Lavni on Consent, and Other Stories

    March 16, 2016

    Consent LavniDancer Megha Ghadge, in a still from The Amorous Adventures. Courtesy Agents of Ishq.

     “Truly, consent, it’s a delicate matter,” Megha says to her friend, in The Amorous Adventures of Shakku and Megha in the Valley of Consent. For this fun little film, director Paromita Vohra (of Khamosh Pani fame) uses the medium of lavni to simplify the “complex” and “delicate” matter of consent. When it comes to sexual relationships, consent needn’t be interpreted, Megha and Shakku tell us. When a woman tells a man “yes”, “no” or “maybe”, that’s exactly what she means – one doesn’t imply the other. To the men who pursue her, Shakku bai says, sense the point of consent.

    The Amorous Adventurs stars lavani dancers Shakuntala Nagarkar and Megha Ghadge as Shakku and Megha respectively, and actor Gaurav Gera as the admirer. This is another short film in a series on gender, sexuality and awareness, made by Agents of Ishq which is also run by Vohra.

    Watch The Amorous Adventures of Shakku and Megha in the Valley of Consent


    Before this, Agents of Ishq produced a sex-ed video for adolescents, in collaboration with SNEHA, an NGO working in the slums in Dharavi, Mumbai.

    Watch Main Aur Meri Body New and Improved

    Another short video from the Agents of Ishq stable, Phoolz for Love documents the celebration of an LGBT Inclusive Rose Day, held recently at Mumbai’s Ruia college. Watch it here:

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