Poem on Demonetisation



Bring in the Goats

Though she never understood
Goddess Lakshmi stood
In full public view
In the Bank of India queue,
 That serpent-fashion wound
Its sinuous way around
Khan Market right up to
the Lodhi Garden ground.
Goddess Lakshmi said
Even as she smote her head
(pimpled with beads of sweat)
That mirrored the burning sun
“What have these wise men done?
How do I gift another port
to devotee Adani?
Or a Western Ghat Fort
(she thought I’m billions short)
To my favourite Ambani?”
(Never thought of rum and port
For our olive green senanis).
Her Bank in disrepair,
She spoke with not her usual flair
“Please bring in the goats
To whom I’ll feed my notes.”


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