JNU and Its Tradition(s) of Dissent

Café Dissensus, Issue 24

Photo courtesy Haneefa Muhammed, via Café Dissensus

Linked below are the contents of an issue of Café Dissensus from 2016, on the culture of dissent and protest politics in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Guest-Editorial: JNU and Its Traditions of Dissent by Malavika Binny
Sedition in a Democracy by Meera Gopakumar
Capitalising on Capital Punishment by Tintu K J
To be Democratic is to be Radical: An Interview with Umar Khalid by Malavika Binny
Saraswati, Mahishasura and Durga: Love, JNU and a Mythology of Dissent by Kanad Sinha
The Irony of Diversity in India by Keisha Kashyap
Kanhaiya Speaks…: An Interview with Kanhaiya Kumar by Vani Mecheril
My Dance in JNU, with JNU and for JNU; A history of dance in JNU by Tintumol Joseph
Queer Narratives from JNU by Gourab Ghosh
The Frayed Pallu of Mother India’s Sari by Deepshikha Boro
Glimpses of History and Teasers of the Future: An Interview with Anirban Bhattacharya by Malavika Binny and Tintu K J
A Photo-Essay by Azhar Amin
When We Dance Naked… by Ashrukona Deka
Shackled in the name of Respect by Uthara. G
Cartoons: #JNU Stands! by Nassif Muhammed Ali
The Independent Intellectual?: A Response to Professor Makarand Paranjape’s  Lecture on Nationalism by Debaditya Bhattacharya
From Crimson to Maroon: The Many Shades of the Left on the Kashmir Issue by Shruthi Venukumar