• AIDWA Demands Strict Implementation of the Sexual Assault Laws

    AIDWA Press Release

    November 27, 2017


    The state government of Madhya Pradesh has decided in a cabinet meeting yesterday to recommend death penalty for the culprits of rape of minor girls below 12 and for culprits of gang rape. The Chief Minister said that these recommendations have been sent to the Central government with suggestions to amend the rape laws. It has also recommended the enhancement of the bail amount to Rs.1 lakh.

    AIDWA is against the awarding of death penalty. Our experience and studies has shown that death penalty is not a deterrent to rape. Death penalty is also against all tenets of human rights. The main problem is that the rapists often go scot free in our society. The conviction rate is extremely low due to biased, faulty and inefficient investigations in these cases. If these cases are investigated properly and culprits given punishment, this itself will act as an effective deterrent.

    AIDWA is also against selective survivors of rape getting awards. All rape victims and survivors should be given adequate compensation and rehabilitation amounts to enable them to rebuild their lives and to pay for the medical expenses, etc. The recent Bhopal gang rape victim has not yet got any help from the state government and there have been no steps taken for her rehabilitation. The Nirbhaya Fund had been constituted to help rape survivors/victims.

    AIDWA has always said that sexual crimes should be non-bailable but any bail that is granted in extraordinary circumstances should be with very strict conditions and a higher amount than proposed by the MP government should be levied.

    Malini Bhattacharya                                           Mariam Dhawale

    (President)                                                       (General Secretary)

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