• Iron Lady Ends her Fast but Not the Struggle

    Seema Mustafa / NewsClick and The Citizen

    October 6, 2016

    Irom Chanu Sharmila, a civil rights activist known for her fight against the human rights violation in Manipur and AFSPA, ended her 16 year long fast on the 9th of August. She ended the fast because of the general public apathy towards her struggle and the unresponsiveness of successive governments. Feeling stronger and more alive than ever, the Iron Lady – as she is called – has decided to form a new independent political party committed to pro-people policies. Irom plans on changing the strategy of her struggle, in order to be able to have the power to repeal AFSPA as well as to change the face of politics. The new party will not be confined to Manipur but will be cutting across some of the states of North-East which are facing similar discrimination, state repression and racial attacks. Many groups have harshly criticized Irom for breaking her fast, but Irom has a different take. She does not just want to be seen as a symbol of resistance but as a human.

    First published in NewsClick.

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