बोल | नवीन चौरे की ‘वास्तविक क़ानून’

दादरी के मोहम्मद अख़लाक़ से सहारनपुर के अख़लाक़ सलमानी तक, सब याद रखा जाएगा। 

Hum Sab Sahmat | Ways of Resisting

Remembering ways to resist, 5 years after the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq.

Speaking for the Poet

Artist Masood Hussain has created these poem-videos with poet Gabriel Rosenstock for Varavara Rao, who remains imprisoned without a trial.

Farm Bills will Benefit Big Corporates and not Farmers: P Sainath

Sainath explains the implications of the three farm bills and their impact on the farmers of the country.

Bol | Satyajit Rath reads Narayan Surve

Bol – a series featuring poetry of resistance, hope, love and humanity.

Hum Sab Sahmat — II

Ram Rahman and Sohail Hashmi talk about “Slogans for Communal Harmony”.

TM Krishna sings Dama Dam Mast Qalandar

TMK sings the qawwali originally written by Amir Khusrau, set to tune by Master Ashiq Hussain.

Undermining of Rights Based Legislation since 2014

Drawing on some of the important themes of the book which emphasizes on decentralization and participation, they also discuss the centralized and non-participatory decision-making of the current government.

National Anthem as a Protest Song: Sumangala Damodaran in Conversation with TM Krishna

TM Krishna discusses the Tagore composition from which our national anthem is derived.

Bol | Asmaa Azaizeh reads The Sacrificial Poem

The poem has been translated into English by Yasmine Seale.

Sahir Ludhianvi’s Aawaz-e-Adam

“दबेगी कब तलक आवाज़-ए-आदम हम भी देखेंगे
रुकेंगे कब तलक जज़्बात-ए-बरहम हम भी देखेंगे”

Hum Sab Sahmat — I

In this ten-part series, ICF will showcase Sahmat’s work over the years — in visual, theatrical, musical or written form.

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