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Bhisham Sahani on Tamas

  • Bhisham Sahani on Tamas

  • Our Shared Cultural Heritage series – Architecture – by Romi Khosla

  • Judiciary, Law Commission and Muslim Law: Storm in a Teacup | Tahir Mehmood | Guftgu Collective

  • Prof. Prabhat Patnaik on Marxist Theory and the October Revolution

  • Lawrence Liang | JNU Alternative Classroom

  • A Celebration of Languages: An Introduction to the People’s Linguistic Survey of India

  • Seminar on Understanding Land Acquisition Disputes in India

  • How to Read ‘Annihilation of Caste’ as a Text

  • Ashok Vajpeyi: The Cosmic Vision of Mirza Ghalib

  • Bezwada Wilson: Caste and Patriarchy – Struggles against Manual Scavenging

  • Dhruv Raina – Rewriting the History of Science and Philosophy in Late Colonial India

  • Why Loiter? | Shilpa Phadke on Women’s Right to Claim Public Space

  • Playlist: Anhad Women Convention, Oct 2015