Culture Matters

“Healthy discussions can now easily become charges of sedition”
Ananya Vajpeyi in conversation with Arshia Sattar
They talk about Sattar's identity as a Muslim writer and translator, Ramayana and more.
रंगमंच जब हल्ला बोले: कला और सामाजिक बदलाव
आई सी ऍफ़ और न्यूज़क्लिक
जावेद अख़्तर, शबाना आज़मी, मोलोयश्री हाश्मी, सुधन्वा देशपांडे और कोमिता ढांडा एकत्रित हुए 2 जनवरी को स्टूडियो सफ़दर में।
“The Ramayana is also a love story”
Ananya Vajpeyi in conversation with Arshia Sattar
They talk about "Lost Loves"; the character of Rāma; the city of Ayodhya; and translating Rāmāyaṇa.
“आपसी भेदभाव को भूल कर एक जुट होने की ज़रुरत है”
भंवर मेघवंशी बात करते हैं कि किस तरह से दलित साहित्य और कलाएं दलित आंदोलन को मज़बूती दे रहे हैं।
“The return of awards in 2015 still rattles those in power”
Githa Hariharan in conversation with Ashok Vajpeyi
Renowned poet Ashok Vajpeyi talks about the role of writers in speaking up against intolerance and hate politics over the last five years.
Orijit Sen: “The idea of India is under threat now more than ever”
Kanika Katyal and Bharathy Singaravel in conversation with the artist
Orijit Sen talks about weaponising laughter as resistance, the contradictions in the social media space, and why the 2019 elections are so important.
“We cease to be artists when we cease to cause trouble”: Jerry Pinto
The writer in conversation with Kanika Katyal
"I enjoy writing, I love writing, I love being in the process of writing."
Aamer Hussein: Weaving Stories from Memories, Myths and Fables
Daniya Rahman in conversation with the writer
Aamer Hussein talks about his book Hermitage, why he prefers writing short stories, the question of translatability and more.