Culture Matters

Requiem for a lost heroine
Vinu Abraham, Translated by CS Venkiteswaran and Arathy Ashok
On the life and times of PK Rosy, heroine of the first feature film made in Kerala.
UAPA: Entrenching a Regime of Suspicion
Manisha Sethi
What does it mean to be a minority in majoritarian times?
A Blot on our National Pride
Unni R, Translated by J Devika
What happens when people begin to feel threatened by an invisible rooster that crows at odd hours?
Flora and Kusum
Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi, Translated by Tridip Suhrud
Part IV, The Dreamland, brings to a culmination the philosophical and narrative concerns explored in the preceding parts of the novel.
Polity and Vanity in Urban India
Gautam Bhatia
"Is there even a desire to make the city hospitable to all its citizens?"
Ratnanagari’s Statecraft
Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi, Translated by Tridip Suhrud
The novel holds up a fascinating mirror to Gujarati society and life in the princely states against the backdrop of pre-independent India.
From Appropriative to Transnational Solidarities
Deepti Misri
A critical juxtaposition of two digital feminist interventions protesting sexual violence against women and girls in Kashmir.
Varanasi: Traversing Through Life
M T Vasudevan Nair
An excerpt from M T Vasudevan's Varanasi, translated by N Gopalakrishnan.