Culture Matters

Woman of the Street
Ruchira Gupta, Baburao Bagul
Theatre of the Invisible
Gunjan Veda
An excerpt from "The Museum of Broken Tea Cups: Postcards from India’s Margins"
Manto’s “Khushia” and Savarna Mystification
Yogesh Maitreya
It is very much like Manto to turn women into mystified objects, demeaned and made into mere manifestations of savarna ego.
Archaeologist Shereen Ratnagar responds to GD Bakshi’s claims about Indian history
ICF Team
Archaeologist Shereen Ratnagar responds to GD Bakshi's claims about Indian history.
“Ab tum hi kaho kya karna hai” — Sumangala Damodaran sings Faiz
ICF Team
In these uncertain times of unprecedented humanitarian crisis, there are probably no easy solutions, only more and more questions.
Social Distancing: A Short Film
Daniya Rahman, Shiwam
While physical distance is essential to fight the virus, social solidarity is crucial for one's mental health.