Culture Matters

Protest Art in Digital Space
Mukulika R in conversation with holycowmics
#ResistingDigitally: Conversations with Indian digital resistance artists.
Hum Sab Sahmat — II
ICF Team
Ram Rahman and Sohail Hashmi talk about "Slogans for Communal Harmony".
TM Krishna sings Dama Dam Mast Qalandar
#ShutIn Concert
TMK sings the qawwali originally written by Amir Khusrau, set to tune by Master Ashiq Hussain.
National Anthem as a Protest Song: Sumangala Damodaran in Conversation with TM Krishna
ICF and Newsclick
TM Krishna discusses the Tagore composition from which our national anthem is derived.
UAPA: Entrenching a Regime of Suspicion
Manisha Sethi
What does it mean to be a minority in majoritarian times?
How Cinema Signals Caste Power – Part I
Yogesh Maitreya in conversation with James Michael
Cinema invents figures and histories to justify the state’s politics.
A Blot on our National Pride
Unni R, Translated by J Devika
What happens when people begin to feel threatened by an invisible rooster that crows at odd hours?
Bol | Asmaa Azaizeh reads The Sacrificial Poem
ICF Team
The poem has been translated into English by Yasmine Seale.