Culture Matters

On Ta-Nehisi Coates
Pankaj Mishra
Pankaj Mishra examines a range of opportunistic appropriations of and attacks on liberalism, particularly from the late twentieth century onwards, along with the political shapes into which liberal thinking has bent itself in its association with global powerbroking. 
Speaking for the Poet
Masood Hussain, Gabriel Rosenstock
Artist Masood Hussain has created these poem-videos with poet Gabriel Rosenstock for Varavara Rao, who remains imprisoned without a trial.
Bol | Satyajit Rath reads Narayan Surve
ICF Team
Bol - a series featuring poetry of resistance, hope, love and humanity.
Requiem for a lost heroine
Vinu Abraham, Translated by CS Venkiteswaran and Arathy Ashok
On the life and times of PK Rosy, heroine of the first feature film made in Kerala.
Protest Art in Digital Space
Mukulika R in conversation with holycowmics
#ResistingDigitally: Conversations with Indian digital resistance artists.
Hum Sab Sahmat — II
ICF Team
Ram Rahman and Sohail Hashmi talk about "Slogans for Communal Harmony".
TM Krishna sings Dama Dam Mast Qalandar
#ShutIn Concert
TMK sings the qawwali originally written by Amir Khusrau, set to tune by Master Ashiq Hussain.
National Anthem as a Protest Song: Sumangala Damodaran in Conversation with TM Krishna
ICF and Newsclick
TM Krishna discusses the Tagore composition from which our national anthem is derived.