Culture Matters

Akbar: The Great Mughal
Ira Mukhoty
Astute historical research presented in an effortless narrative: an excerpt from Akbar: The Great Mughal (Aleph Book Company)
Celebrate, Illuminate, Defend the Indian Constitution at 70
Aban Raza
54 artists come together to speak up and join the guardians of the Constitution on the streets: a report on Sahmat Exhibition
370 के छिन जाने के बाद कश्मीर का मुस्तक़बिल क्या होगा?
डेविड देवदास से ख़ास बातचीत
वक़्त की आवाज़ श्रृंखला की दूसरी किताब,  सुलगता कश्मीर, सिकुड़ता लोकतंत्र से एक अंश।
Manufacturing Mistrust: “Love Jihad” and its innards
Mihir Srivastava, Raul Irani
An excerpt from Love Jihadis: An Open-Minded Journey into the Heart of Western Uttar Pradesh (Roli Books)
Baldwin and I: Beyond Race and Caste, Part 2
Yogesh Maitreya
Baldwin established a path which can be followed in order to understand the lethal potential of caste oppression.
Sufism in Pakistan
Nadeem Farooq Paracha
An excerpt from "Soul Rivals: State, Militant and Pop Sufism in Pakistan".
The Trouble with Indian Matrimony: Matchmaker, Make Me a Match!
Urvi Desai
If couples made the choice without interference, we may stumble upon our homegrown feminism.