Culture Matters

RSS as a Terrorist Outfit: Evidence from its Archives
Shamsul Islam
RSS's link with neo-nazi organisations, auction of Godse's pistol and more.
Bol | Kutti Revathi reads Manisha’s Spine
ICF Team
Revathi has written this poem in memory of the 19-year-old dalit girl who was raped, tortured and cremated in Hathras, UP.
सवाल पर सवाल : हाथरस मामले में माया राव का कटाक्ष
माया कृष्ण राव
मैं जीभ के बग़ैर भी गाउंगी ​
Hum Sab Sahmat | Art on the Move
ICF Team
Sahmat's 2001 project about art, mobility and public.
“Mainstream media is a protection racket for the privileged”
Salim Yusufji in conversation with Pankaj Mishra
They talk about socio-political movements around the world, liberalism, political manipulation on digital platforms and more.
The Unquiet River
Arupjyoti Saikia
An excerpt from The Unquiet River: A Biography of the Brahmaputra.
TM Krishna’s The Edict Project: Ashoka and the quest for compassion
Aparna in conversation with TM Krishna
TM Krishna's Edict Project was released on 14th October, the day Ambedkar embraced Buddhism.
“How did she end up in this dingy prison”: A poem about India
Gokul G K
"How her children are dragged through the streets their head on the road, legs in the fascist’s firm grip"