Sedition: Criminalising Dissent
Varda Dixit
What makes sedition a valuable tool for harassment is not necessarily the conviction of an accused. The problem lies in the fact that it places wide powers in the hands of the police.
Is Raising Azadi Slogan sedition?
ICF Team
Faizan Mustafa explains the sedition law in India with its history and case laws.
Sedition Cases Withdrawn, Communal Tension in Bihar and More
NewsClick Team
Sedition cases have been withdrawn against the 49 celebrities.
Sedition and FIRs charged against celebrities who wrote against mob lynching
ICF Team
On Thursday, October 3, sedition charges were slapped and FIRs filed against 49 celebrities.
Justice Deepak Gupta: ‘Criticism of government, army & judiciary can’t be construed as sedition’
The Leaflet
Supreme Court judge Justice Deepak Gupta on Monday slammed law of sedition, stressing it is “misused”.
Demand to Withdraw Sedition Charge Against 30,000 Unnamed Adivasis, Activists
 Amrita Bhattacharyya
Every 10th Adivasi of Jharkhand’s Pathalgadi area is charged with sedition.
Should I Wear My Patriotism On My Sleeve?
Swapnil Thripathi
Analysing the law on sedition in India and the demand for its stricter enforcement.
Sedition And Transgender Identity: Two Important Civil Rights Judgments From High Courts
Gautam Bhatia
The Kerala High Court reaffirmed the narrow scope of sedition, while the Madras High Court reaffirmed the right of self-determining one's gender identity.