Enemies of Pluralism: Chandrakant Patil on the Contemporary Right
ICF Team
Chandrakant Patil talks about CAA-NPR-NRC and more.
Romila Thapar : We Are Marching Towards a Surveillance State
ICF and Newsclick Production
Romila Thapar talks about the CAA-NPR-NRC and the need for a rational refugee policy where any persecuted person from a neighbouring state can seek asylum, no matter what their religion.
Shaheen Bagh: An Undying Movement
Delhi Police have bulldozed the anti-CAA protest site in Shaheen Bagh.
NPR: Data Collected Threat to Civil Liberties ?
ICF Team
NPR places wide control in the hands of the government over sensitive personal data
Demands to State Govt on Delhi Riots
Memorandum by Relief Volunteers and Eminent Citizens
The communal violence in north east Delhi that took place in the last week of February is the most disgraceful event in the recent history of the city.
Romila Thapar on the Evolution of the Idea of Citizenship
ICF and Newsclick Production
Eminent historian Romila Thapar talks about how the idea of citizenship evolved and the modern notion of citizenship.
More than 1,000 women write to state govt’s asking to de-link NPR from Census
Sabrang India
The letter said that it was now the responsibility of the state governments to prevent this attack on India’s most marginal and demanded that it safeguard citizens and ensure that no punitive action is taken against anyone engaging in a boycott of NPR.
India Reads, India Resists
Shaheen Bagh has been protesting against the CAA for last three months.