An Open Statement on the Flawed Investigation into the Delhi Riots, February 2020

The Forum for Constitutional Rights and Democratic Freedoms (FCRDF) was constituted in August, 2020, after discussion among its Principal Members, comprising both individuals and organizations, all representing different constituencies. All were concerned with the erosion of constitutional rights and democratic freedoms in the last few years and came together on a common platform to stem the tide. The groups represented are a) several Armed Forces Veterans; b) the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS) representing people’s organizations of the poor and disadvantaged; c) the Constitutional Conduct Group (CCG), made up of former civil servants; d)civil society organisations and concerned citizens; e) the Indian Cultural Forum, deeply involved with cultural issues.

This is our first statement on behalf of the FCRDF.

We write to express our full support, in principle, for the statement We will not be silenced’ made by Harsh Mander on September 4, 2020.  We agree with him that the communal riots in Delhi in February 2020 have not been caused by any conspiracy as alleged by the Delhi Police. On the contrary, they have been caused by hate speech and provocative statements made by a number of political leaders of the ruling party.

We stand with Harsh Mander, him, Professor Apoorvanand and their fellow activists. Neither their voices nor ours will be silenced as we speak for truth and freedom.  The ringing words of Harsh Mander’s statement, especially those of the last paragraph, bear repetition and have our endorsement:

“We declare here – and hope those holding highest office in the country hear us loud and clear – that the government will never succeed in silencing us, and will never succeed in taking away from us the dream we inherited from our freedom struggle, the dream of together building a country which is just, and equal, and kind.”

Admiral (retd.) L. Ramdas, former Chief of Naval Staff

Aruna Roy, MazdoorKisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS)

Deb Mukharji, IFS (Retd.), former High Commissioner to Bangladesh, CCG

Dr. Ganesh Devy, civil society organizations and concerned citizens

Githa Hariharan, writer, Indian Cultural Forum


We will not be silenced”

The Delhi Police believes that there was a conspiracy behind the communal violence in Delhi during the third week of February.

We agree.

But the actual conspiracy was a very different one from the one which Delhi Police is propagating.

The truth is that not just the Delhi 2020 carnage; no major episode of communal violence is spontaneous: it is always planned, organized and facilitated.

Such violence requires first the systematic creation of hatred. In Delhi we saw the build-up during the Delhi elections of a climate of hatred spawned by hate speech by senior leaders targeting the protestors against CAA NRC NPR. This was led from the front by the union home minister, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and several other cabinet and BJP party leaders. The outcome was the spread of unprecedented levels of toxic communal venom, unmatched in any previous election in Delhi.

But beyond the manufacture of hatred and the organization of the violence, the critical factor in any riot conspiracy is the role of the state, and particularly the police. No riot can go on for more than a few hours except if the government wishes for it to do so.

There is massive evidence of the complicit partisan role of the police in the Delhi violence. I have spent a lot of time with the victim survivors of the Delhi carnage. I have heard hundreds of testimonies from them about the role of the police enabling, encouraging and actually indulging in hate violence.

The video of policemen tormenting four young men lying on the ground, among who Faizan subsequently died, is telling. The police while beating the men prone on the ground are taunting them by asking them to sing the national anthem; it was clear that they are punishing them for the protests, in which the national anthem had become an iconic symbol of the protests, of resistance, of unity and of solidarity.

This was the conspiracy behind the Delhi communal violence. It was a bid by the Indian state, aided by the Delhi police, to punish and crush the largest non-violent protests that independent India has seen.

The police story is quite the opposite. According to them, it was the anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protests which were the conspiracy, and that the non-violence of the protests was only a facade.

In pursuit of this story, every day the Special Branch of the Delhi Police, which normally investigates grave crimes like terror, is busy for the past months summoning mostly young people, and sometimes seniors, grilling them, intimidating them, and sometimes – as Umar Khalid has testified – forcing them create false evidence.

Large numbers of young people are today languishing in prison for months without bail in the name of this so-called conspiracy.

We are gathered here today above all in the defence and solidarity with all of these young people.

Yes, they and we did participate in the non-violent movement against CAA NRC NPR, and we are proud to have done so.

During the protests some WhatsApp groups were made. Now every word exchanged in these groups are being examined with a defective microscope by the police, their meaning and context deliberately and mischievously misinterpreted, the truth ripped into shreds and reimagined to create the mythology of a conspiracy of hate, violence and insurrection.

There were significantly other WhatsApp groups that the police themselves admit to, wherein indeed people are actively calling for and organizing the violence on those dates. None of these are being the subject to any investigation of a conspiracy.

Our protests, and those of the young people now in our prisons, were to uphold the Constitution, and the idea of an inclusive and humane country of equal citizenship, which is the proudest legacy of our freedom struggle.

The young people and we protested because we love our country dearly, and we seek to make this country better for all its citizens, of every religion, caste, class and gender, by holding the state accountable to stand by its duties to the constitution.

It is a travesty to describe this as a crime against the nation. Those who are seeking to create divisions and hate among us are those who are committing crimes against our country.

The objective of the government is transparent; to destroy the basic guarantees and freedoms of our constitution.

The effort of the Indian state, facilitated by the Delhi Police, is to crush our voices, our dissent, and our struggles to uphold our constitution.

We declare here – and hope those holding highest office in the country hear us loud and clear – that the government will never succeed in silencing us, and will never succeed in taking away from us the dream we inherited from our freedom struggle, the dream of together building a country which is just, and equal, and kind .

Harsh Mander

4 September, 2020


Endorsed by:

1 A M Khan, Jt Sec, LIC Retired Employees' Asso & Sec, Chitra Film Society 226 Mathew Padayatty S.J.
2 A Selvaraj, IRS (Retd) 227 Mazher Hussan, COVA
3 Abha Bhalya 228 Meena Gupta, IAS (Retd)
4 Abha Dev Habib, Assistant Professor, Miranda House, University of Delhi 229 Melanie P Kumar
5 Abha Sur 230 Mendonca Edward
6 Abhay 231 MG Devasahayam, IAS (Retd)
7 Abhay Shirekar 232 Mira Shiva, Public Health Physician
8 Abhijit Dasgupta, Retired Teacher, Delhi University 233 Mohan Rao, former professor at the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, JNU
9 Abhijit Sengupta, IAS (Retd) 234 Mohan Sharma
10 Abhilash, Secretary, Gram Seva Sangh 235 Mohan Trivedi, Professor
11 Abinash Dash Choudhury, Jadavpur University 236 Mridula Garg, Writer and Freedom Lover
12 Achin Vanaik, Retd Professor, University of Delhi 237 Mridula Mukherjee
13 Achuthan Palat 238 Mrigank, Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU)
14 Aditi Mehta, IAS (Retd) 239 MS Chahal, IAS (Retd)
15 Aditya Mukherjee 240 MT Ansari, Professor, University of Hyderabad
16 Aditya Nigam 241 Muralidharan, General Secretary, National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled
17 Admiral LRamdas, PVSM, AVSM, VrC, VSM 242 MY Rao, IAS (Retd)
18 Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, PVSM, AVSM 243 N P Chekkutty, Senior journalist
19 Aftab Seth, IFS (Retd) 244 Nagesh Hegde
20 Ahana Rao, Architect 245 Najeeb Jang, IAS (Retd)
21 Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kak, AVSM, VSM 246 Najid Hussain, Scientist
22 Ajai Kumar, IFoS(Retd) 247 Nandita Das
23 Ajay Skaria, Historian 248 Nandita Narain, Delhi University
24 Ajit Singh Yadav, convenor, Lok Morcha 249 Naomi Magh, St Xavier College Jalukie
25 AK Samanta, IPS (Retd) 250 Narendra Sisodia, IAS (Retd)
26 Albert Longley Dkhar, Principal, St Anthony's College, Shillong 251 Naseeruddin Shah
27 Alok Perti, IAS (Retd) 252 Natasha Bhadwar
28 Alok Rai 253 Navaroze Contractor, Artists & Film Maker
29 Aloke B Lal, IPS (Retd) 254 Navrekha Sharma, IFS (Retd)
30 Amanulla Khan, Former President, AIIE Association 255 Nayana Trivedi, Physician
31 Amita Baviskar, Ashoka University 256 Nayantara Sahgal, Author
32 Amita Buch 257 NC Saxena, IAS (Retd)
33 Amita Joseph 258 Neera Chandoke
34 Amitabh Mathur, IPS (Retd) 259 Neeraj Jain
35 Amitabha Pande, IAS (Retd) 260 Nikhil Dey
36 Amiya Kumar Dev, former vice chancellor of Vidyasagar University 261 Niranjan Pant, IA&AS (Retd)
37 Anand Archak, President, Insurance Employees' Union, 262 Nisha Shiurkar, Writer
38 Anand Arni, R&AW (Retd) 263 Nitin Desai, IES (Retd)
39 Anand Patwardhan, Film Maker 264 NK Raghupathy, IAS (Retd)
40 Anbarasan P, Department of Mass communication, Tezpur University 265 Noor Mohammad, IAS (Retd)
41 Angana Chatterji, Scholar 266 Noor Zaheer, National Secretary, Indian People's Theatre Association
42 Anil Bisht 267 Nuzhat Kazmi, Professor, JMI and Ahmar Raza, retd Scientist
43 Anil Sadgopal 268 Ordetta Mendoza, Co-ordinator of Programmes, XB
44 Animesh Das, Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) 269 P. Rajamanickam, Rtd Associate Professor of zoology
45 Anita Agnihotri, IAS (Retd) 270 Padma Venkataraman
46 Anjali Kanitkar, Associate Professor ( retd), Founder Trustee-AROEHAN 271 Pankaj Bisht, Writer
47 Anjali Monteiro, Filmmaker and Academic 272 Parveen Talha, IRS (Retd)
48 Anna Dani, IAS (Retd) 273 Paul Mat,hew Teacher of Journalism & Mass Communication
49 Annamma Philip FMM, Secretary General, Xavier Board 274 PGJ Nampoothiri, IPS (Retd)
50 Annamma Philip, Xavier Board of Higher Education 275 PK Lahiri, IAS (Retd)
51 Annie Namala 276 Poile Sengupta
52 Anthony Dias, Social Scientist 277 Poonam kaushik General Secretary Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan Delhi
53 Anupama Potluri, University of Hyderabad 278 Poornima, Artist and Organic farmer
54 Anuradha Kapur 279 PR Dasgupta, IAS (Retd)
55 Aparna Sen 280 Prabhu Ghate, IAS (Retd)
56 Apoorvanand, Teacher and Writer 281 Prabhu Mohapatra, Department of History, University of Delhi,
57 AR Vasavi 282 Prabir Purkayastha
58 Arati Chokshi, Retired Scientist & Activist 283 Pradeep K Deb, IAS (Retd)
59 Ardhendu Sen, IAS (Retd) 284 Pradip Datta
60 Arif Ghauri, IRS (Retd) 285 Prakash Louis
61 Arun Kumar, Retired Professor JNU 286 Pramod Mujumdar, Co-ordinator, SALOKHA
62 Aruna Roy, IAS (Resigned) 287 Pramod Munghate, RTM Nagpur University
63 Aruna Sabane, President Maher sanstha 288 Pranab S Mukhopadhyay, IAS (Retd)
64 Arundhati Dhuru, National Alliance of People's Movements 289 Pranab Talukdar
65 Arup Kumar Sen 290 Prasad Charasala
66 AS Dulat, IPS (Retd) 291 Prasad Tadepalli
67 Asha Hans, Academic 292 Prashant Olalekar
68 Asha Vombatkere, School Teacher 293 Pravesh Sharma, IAS (Retd)
69 Ashim Jain 294 Preeti Sampat, Academic
70 Ashish Ranjan 295 Prem Verma, Convenor, Jharkhand Nagrik Prayas
71 Ashok Kumar Sharma, IFoS (Retd) 296 Prerna, concerned citizen
72 Ashok Kumar Sharma, IFS (Retd) 297 Priti Turakhia, concerned citizen
73 Ashok Vajpeyi, IAS (Retd) 298 Prof. M.H. Jawahirullah, Ex MLA, President, Manithaneya Makkal Katchi
74 Ashraf Ali Basheer Ahàmed, Constituion Protection Group 299 Professor G Haragopal, NLSIU
75 Ashraf Ali Bashir Ahamed 300 PSS Thomas, IAS (Retd)
76 Atamjit Singh 301 Purendra Prasad, Professor of Sociology, University of Hyderabad
77 Atreyee Day, concerned citizen 302 Purwa Bharadwaj
78 Atul Gurtu 303 Purwa Bharadwaj Writer
79 Aurobindo Behera, IAS (Retd) 304 Pushpamala N
80 Avinash Mohananey, IPS (Retd) 305 R Vijay, professor in economics, University of Hyderabad
81 B N Poojary, General Secretary, LIC Retired Employees Association 306 Rabin Chakraborty, retd Teacher, Calcutta University
82 Badri Raina, Author/ Columnist 307 Rachel Chatterjee, IAS (Retd)
83 Baghambar Pattanaik, President, Anti-Slavery India 308 Radhika Chopra, Sociologist
84 Balaji Narasimhan 309 Raghunandana Sathamarshana, Kannada poet, playwright, stage-director
85 Benny Kuruvilla 310 Rahul Khullar, IAS (Retd)
86 Bezwada Wilson 311 Rahul Mali, Anubhav Shiksha kendr
87 Bhaskar Prabhu 312 Rajendran Narayanan, Azim Premji University, Bangalore
88 Bindu T Desai MD 313 Rajiv Lochan Sah, Editor Nainital Samachar
89 Brigadier VHM Prasad 314 Rajni Bakshi
90 Brijesh Kumar, IAS (Retd) 315 Rajni Palriwala, Professor of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics
91 Brinelle D'souza, JSA-MUMBAI, JCoR-West India 316 Raju Rajagopal, Hindus for Human Rights (org) USA
92 C Rammanohar Reddy, Editor, The India Forum 317 Raju Sharma, IAS (Retd)
93 Captain (IN) RV Singh 318 Rama Shanker Singh, Researcher
94 Captain (IN) S Prabhala, VSM 319 Ramani Venkatesan, IAS (Retd)
95 Cavery Bopaiah, Swaraj India 320 Ramesh Kumar, concerned citizen
96 Chakradhar 321 Ramkumar B, Research Investigator, NCBC
97 Chaman Lal 322 Ramlal Bhatt
98 Chandra Krishnappa 323 Rana Banerji, IAS (Retd)
99 Chandrakant Patil 324 Rani Day, filmmaker, editor
100 Chandrashekhar Balakrishnan, IAS (Retd) 325 Ranjeet Kindo SJ, Director, Tribal Research and Training Centre
101 Chukka Srinivas 326 Rashmi Shukla Sharma, IAS (Retd)
102 Col Dinesh Ishwar Kumar 327 Ratna Pathak Shah
103 Colonel Ali Ahmed 328 Ravi Budhiraja, IAS (Retd)
104 Colonel Ashwin Baindur 329 Ravi Joshi
105 Colonel Dinesh Kumar 330 Ravi Vira Gupta, IAS (Retd)
106 Colonel Pavan Nair, VSM 331 Ravindra Rukmini Pandharinath, Writer
107 Colonel R Chidambaram 332 Raza Mir, Professor of Management, William Paterson University
108 Colonel SK Dhar 333 Rekha Awasthi , Janwadi Lekhak Sangh & Naya Path
109 Commander Sati Taneja 334 RM Premkumar, IAS (Retd)
110 Daisy Helen, Xavier Board 335 Roby Rajan, The Backwaters Collective
111 Deb Mukharji, IFS (Retd) 336 Rohan D'Souza, ASAFAS, Kyoto University
112 Debaditya Bhattacharya, Faculty, Kazi Nazrul University 337 Rohini Hensman (writer and researcher)
113 Debu Bose 338 Romi Mahajan
114 Deep Joshi 339 Rosamma Thomas
115 Deepa Hari, IRS (Resigned) 340 Rosamma Thomas, Journalist
116 Deepak Sanan, IAS (Retd) 341 RP Shahi
117 Deepika D'Souza 342 S Durga Bhavani, Professor, University of Hyderabad
118 Delia Antao, Nirmala Institute of Education 343 S Gopal, concerned citizen
119 Denzil Fernandes, Executive Director, Indian Social Institute 344 S Satyabhama, IAS (Retd)
120 DM Diwakar 345 Sabyasachi Chatterjee, Retired Scientist, Indian Institute of Astrophysics
121 Dr Shaikh Ghulam Rasool 346 Sagari R Ramdas, Veterinary Scientist, Food Sovereignty Alliance
122 Dunu Roy 347 Sandeep Pandey, Socialist Party (India)
123 DW Karuna, Assistant Professor, Azim Premji University 348 Sanjay Gadhalay
124 EAS Sarma 349 Sanjeev Kumar, Writer and Associate Professor, Deshbandhu College (DU)
125 EV Ramakrishnan, Author, Academic 350 Sannybhai
126 Felix Padel, Anthropologist 351 Santanu Chacraverti
127 Florence Fernandes 352 Santhanam A, Lawyers Fraternity Tamil Nadu (LFTN)
128 Fr Cedric Prakash SJ, Human Rights activist 353 Satish Deshpande
129 G Sankaran, IC&CES (Retd) 354 Satwant Reddy, IAS (Retd)
130 Ganesh Visputay, Poet, painter and translator 355 Satya Sagar, Associate Editor, Countercurrents
131 Geeta Kapur, Art Historian 356 Shabnam Hashmi
132 Geetha SK, Insurance Corporation Employees Union, Bangalore 357 Shafi Alam, IPS (Retd)
133 Geetha Thoopal, IRAS (Retd) 358 Shailendra boora
134 George Karuvelil 359 Shailesh Gandhi
135 George Pulikuthiyil 360 Shalmali Guttal, Researcher
136 George Thadathil sdb, Principal & President, AIACHE Salesian College 361 Shantha Sinha
137 GG Parikh, President, Yusuf Meherali Centre 362 Shanti Maitree
138 Gita Jayaraj, Researcher/Writer 363 Sharachchandra Lele, Environmental Reseacher
139 Githa Hariharan 364 Sharad Behar, IAS (Retd)
140 GN Devy 365 Shashi Deshpande
141 Goldie Zaki, St Paul Institute of Professional Studies 366 Shaunak Phadnis, student, EFLU
142 Gopalan Balagopal, IAS (Retd) 367 Sheba Chhachhi
143 Gourisankar Ghosh, IAS (Retd) 368 Shekhar Pathak, Historian and Editor PAHAR
144 Gurunagesh 369 Shiv Shankar Mukherjee, IFS (Retd)
145 Gyan Prakash, Princeton University 370 Shiva Shankar
146 H Sarwar Usmani, concerned citizen 371 Shivangi Bhasin
147 Harbans Mukhia , Former Professor and Rector, JNU 372 Shoma A Chatterji, Journalist and Author
148 Hindal Tyabji, IAS (Retd) 373 Shreekumar, Farmer and activist
149 Hiren Gohain 374 Shruti Parthasarathy, Independent Writer and Art Historian
150 Hony Lieutenant Sham Lal 375 Siby K George, Philosopher
151 HS Gujral, IFoS (Retd) 376 Siddharth Dube, Writer
152 Humayun Mursal, Executive president, Hindi Hain HumHindostan Hamara 377 Siraj Hussain, IAS (Retd)
153 Indira Vijaysimha, Poorna Learning Center 378 Sonalini Mirchandani, IFS (Resigned)
154 Indranee Dutta, Retired Professor, OKD Institute of Social Change and Development 379 Soundravalli Kulandaiswamy
155 Indu Prakash Singh State Level Shelter Monitoring Committee 380 Sowmya Dechamma C C, University of Hyderabad
156 J Suresh, Joint Secretary, SCZIEF (AIIEA) 381 SP Ambrose, IAS (Retd)
157 Jacob Kujur 382 Squadron Leader SC Das
158 Jagannath Dubey, concerned citizen 383 SR Hiremath
159 Jagdeep Chhokar, Former Professor and Dean, IIM Ahmedabad 384 Subhash Ware, Convener, Surajy Sena, IRSE (Retd)
160 James TJ, Centre for Environmental Studies, Sacred Heart College 385 Subhashini Ali
161 Jasveen Jairath, concerned citizen 386 Subhasis Bandyopadhyay, Associate Professor, IIEST
162 Javid Chowdhury, IAS (Retd) 387 Subhendu Dasgupta, Former faculty University of Calcutta
163 Jawed Usmani, IAS (Retd) 388 Subodh Lal, IPoS (Resigned)
164 Jawhar Sircar, IAS (Retd) 389 Subrat Das
165 Jayant Pawar, Playright-Writer 390 Suchetana Banerjee, Asst Prof, Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts
166 Jayati Ghosh, JNU, New Delhi 391 Sudhir Chandra
167 Jaydeep, PDSU Delhi 392 Suhasini Mulay
168 Jerry Pinto 393 Sujatha Singh, IFS (Retd)
169 Jiten Nandi, Editor, Manthan Samayiki 394 Sujit Jadhao, Research Scholar, RTMNU
170 John Ishvaradas Abdallah, Social Justice & Human Rights Activist 395 Sukumar Muralidharan
171 John Mathew, Krea University 396 Sukumar Muralidharan, Journalist and Journalism instructor
172 Joseph Prabhu, Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus), California State University 397 Sundar Burra, IAS (Retd)
173 Joseph Puthenpura 398 Sunil Mitra, IAS (Retd)
174 Joseph Xavier, Director, Indian Social Institute 399 Suresh K Goel, IFS (Retd)
175 Josna, Critical Quest 400 Sushil Dubey, IFS (Retd)
176 Julio Ribeiro, IPS (Retd) 401 Swashpawan Singh
177 Jyoti Punwani, Freelance journalist 402 Syeda Hameed
178 Jyotirmaya Sharma, Professor 403 Sylvia Karpagam, Public health doctor
179 K John Koshy, IAS (Retd) 404 T Ramakrishnan, Sathyamangalam
180 K Saleem Ali, IPS (Retd) 405 T Vijay Kumar, The South Forum
181 K Satchidanandan 406 Tadapatla Ratnabai
182 K Srilata (Poet and Professor, Chennai) 407 Tapan Bose Filmmaker
183 K Sudhir, Architect 408 Thanksy Thekkekera, IAS (Retd)
184 K Sujatha Rao, IAS (Retd) 409 The Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia
185 Kalyani Chaudhuri, IAS (Retd) 410 Tirlochan Singh, IAS (Retd)
186 Kalyani Menon Sen, Independent researcher 411 TM Krishna
187 Kamal Jaswal, IAS (Retd) 412 Tony Raj
188 Kamalanand Jha 413 Tushar A Gandhi, Writer & Activist
189 Kannan Subramanian R 414 Uday Gadekar, Gen secy, Insurance Employees Union, Dharwad Employees' Union
190 Karuna M, Chennai 415 Uma Maheswari Bhrugubanda, Asst Prof, The EFL University
191 Kasturi Sengupta 416 Umesh Nazir, Indian People's Theatre Association
192 Katyayani Vidmahe , Academic, Prajaswamika Rachayithrula Vedika 417 Usha Naik
193 Kavery Nambisan, Surgeon and Writer 418 Usha Raman, Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad
194 Keshav Desiraju, IAS (Retd) 419 Uzramma, Social activist, Hyderabad
195 Kirity Roy 420 V Srinivasan, Chennai Metropol Construction & Unorganised Workers Union
196 Koninika Ray , National Federation of Indian Women 421 Vandana Prasad
197 Kopal, Assistant Professor, AUD 422 Vappala Balachandran, IPS (Retd)
198 KP Fabian, IFS (Retd) 423 Varghese Theckanath sg
199 KP Jayasankar, Filmmaker and Academic 424 Varun Aiyer, Artist, Teacher, Citizen
200 KP Sasi 425 Venkatesh Athreya, Professor of Economics (RETD), Bharathidasan University
201 Krishnan UnniP, Novelist and Poet in Malyalam and in English 426 Venugopal Maddipati
202 KS Sidhu, IAS (Retd) 427 Vibha Maurya
203 Kumar Prashant, Gandhian Scholar-Activist 428 Vibha Puri Das
204 Lakshmi Goparaju, Georgetown University 429 Vijay Bharatiya
205 Lalit Mathur, IAS (Retd) 430 Vijaya Latha Reddy, IFS (Retd)
206 Lalita Ramdas, Citizen, Educator, Activist 431 Vijaya Ramachandran
207 Laltu (Harjinder Singh), Hindi poet and writer 432 Vikas Bajpai, Assistant Professor, Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health
208 Lok Morcha 433 Vinay Jain
209 Lourdu Raj SJ 434 Vinay Lal, Historian
210 M M P Singh , Janwadi lekhak sangh & naya path 435 Vinod Vyasulu, Formerly RBI Chair at the Institute of Social and Economic Change
211 M Venissa, Principal, St Agnes College 436 Virendra Yadav, Hindi literary critic
212 M.H. Jawahirullah, Ex-MLA and President, Manithaneya Makkal Katchi 437 Virginius Xaxa, Sociologist
213 MA Kalam, Professor of Anthropology, Chennai 438 Vivan Sundaram, Artist
214 Madan Meena, Adivasi Academy 439 Vivek Pinto
215 Madhu Bhaduri, IFS (Retd) 440 VN Sharma, Retired SAIL Executive
216 Madhulika Reddy, Researcher 441 VP Raja, IAS (Retd)
217 Madhusree Mukerjee, Writer 442 Wajahat Habibullah, IAS (Retd)
218 Madhusudhan, Theatre Activist 443 Walter Fernandes, Director, North Eastern Social Research Centre
219 Mahua Dutta, Writer 444 William Sequeira
220 Maimoona Mollah 445 Wing Commander CAV Murthy
221 Major General SG Vombatkere, VSM 446 Xavier John Bosco, Andhra Loyola College
222 Manabendra N Roy, IAS (Retd) 447 Yasmeen Lukmani, Professor (Retd), University of Mumbai
223 Manisha Gupte, Feminist Activist 448 Yasmin Bano
224 Manoranjan Mohanty 449 Yogesh Wanjari
225 Marina, Asha Niketan School 450 Yousuf Saeed, Filmmaker