बेदारी  / Awakening 


इन ग़ज़बनाक निगाहों से बरसते शोले
दिलशिकस्तः की ये चश्मे-गुहरबार नहीं।
आज कुछ करने पे आमादा है बेदार अवाम
ताजदारों की इनायत की तलबगार नहीं।


Their blazing eyes raining embers
Shunning the tears of despair
The masses awakened determined to act
Shunning the favours of crowned heads

Kamal Jaswal is passionate about languages, culture, history and governance reforms, and occasionally writes poetry. He has been a geologist, a teacher, an IAS officer, and served in the United Nations, public enterprises, government bodies and civil society organisations. A committed social activist, he is currently President of Common Cause, a reputed public interest organisation.