“It seems that our concern for the fellow human beings and the nature is equally questionable”

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We, the writers of Maharashtra, are making this appeal with a heavy heart. We are all sad and feeling anguished in the present scenario caused by Covid 19. Not only India but the whole world is affected by this calamity from the last few months. This unprecedented endemic has caused untimely deaths of millions resulting in the complete chaos in the world. It has not only caused medical emergency but has also shaken the very bottoms of our social and economic foundations. Covid 19 virus has exposed the deep economic imbalance and inequality prevalent in our society. This endemic seems to be the most tragic episode in the history of mankind.

We pay tribute to those who lost their lives in this calamity. We extend our solidarity with the victims of this endemic. We salute the doctors and nurses as well as the paramedical staff for shouldering the responsibility of treating the covid-19 patients. We express our gratitude towards the social workers for coming forward voluntarily and supporting and helping the needy in these trying times.

This endemic has displaced millions in the world. Millions walked hundreds of miles without food and water to reach their homes. We have helplessly watched these tragic scenes of human displacement and migration. Humanity had never witnessed such a terrible calamity. What shakes our conscience is that this is a manmade calamity.

Millions across the world have become jobless. This calamity has taken away their sources of survival. The inadequacy of our public health system is now clear to such an extent that we have not been even able to admit and treat all those who are affected by this virus and need treatment exposing the inequality and discrimination in our society. It seems that our concern for the fellow human beings and the nature is equally questionable.

We, the writers declare that we are with the people in these trying times and suggest that,

  1. Medical treatment for the covid-19 infection should be free for all. There should be no discrimination on the basis of the socio-economic status of the patients.

  2. The number of government hospitals with adequate facilities should be increased. We should stop depending on the medical insurance. The government should spend more on health and education and make it easily accessible to all without any discrimination.

  3. Employment should be a fundamental right.

  4. Everyone should feel concerned and share with others whatever they have.

  5. Every writer should contribute to the government’s relief funds as well as to the NGOs working for the cause.

This is an appeal for sharing. The great Marathi poet Namdeo Dhasal has famously asked in one of his poems to be generous enough to “'share the single sesame-seed equally amongst all'”. We assure you that we are with you and appeal all to join hands to save each life.

Sudhir Rasal Ramdas Bhatkal Mahesh Elkunchvar
Shanta Gokhale N. D. Mahanor Nishikant Thakar
RR Borade Vasant Abaji Dahake Chandrakant Patil
Rangnath Pathare Satish Kalsekar Vasant Dattatray
Gurjar Prabha Ganorkar Arun Khopkar Vasant Patankar
Datta Bhagat Premanand Gajvi Kautikrao Thale-Patil
Makarand Sathe Rajan Gavas Jayant Pawar
Lakshmikant Deshmukh Satish Tambe Jaideo Dole
Sunil Tambe Anuradha Patil Prafull Shiledar
Pravin Bandekar Ganesh Vispute Asaram Lomte
Pradnya Daya Pawar Ramesh Ingle Utradkar Neerja
Nitin Rindhe Kishor Kadam Randhir Shinde
Shridhar Nandedkar Ajay Kandar Avinash Gaikvad
Sanjay Arvikar Prakasha Holkar Pramod Munghate
Dinkar Manvar Sandhya Nare-Pawar Dilip Dhondge
Prakash Kingaonkar Dileep Chavan Gorakh Thorat
Raja Holkunde Gautamiputra Kamble Ramchandra Kalunkhe
Ravi Korde Sandip Jagdale