Silence of Sparrows and other poems

Rollie Mukherjee, ‘I heard their stories from the clouds’, mixed media on paper, 28.5 x 39”, 2014


I won a prize.

It’s peace.
It’s unity.

It’s free.
Everyone won this.

It’s truth.

It’s Ruth.

Oh see,
It’s vanishing.

It was just a dream.



Times have changed,
Now birds chirp,
Even though they are dying.


Dear Friend

Dear friend,
I’ve come to say,
The moments we played,
And the memories we made.

It’s uneasy,
To say,
You forgot me,
As you play.

I wrote you a letter,
And said a goodbye,
I thought you would come,
With sorrow.

I waited,
At the big gate,
I waited.
A lot.

I’ve thought you would come,
It’s my bad.

The minutes felt like hours,
And days past.
You didn’t come,
I’m still waiting.


Silence Of Sparrows

Silence, in the meadows,
Of the shadows,
Of the sparrows.

Upon, those of machines,
And cars,
Those who listen, to all sparrows.
Upon the natives,
Upon the non-natives,
Upon you.
Everyone’s ears,
To hear the chirping of sparrows.

All tired,
Upon ’em
The silence of sparrows live


She Is No More

From the morning sun,
He wakes.
From the rustle of leaves,
He wakes.

Heard a good news-
He is a father!
He wakes.

Took her in his hand,
Unaware she is a girl,
Said "I will name him Azeem"
Until the nurse came.

Nurse said, “You are a father of a girl”,
A girl!
The man cried,
“Yes”, the nurse replied.

Darkness near his eyes,
His expectations shattered.
He ran with her,
The mother didn’t know.
He ran to the forest,
In a hurry and swirl,
The birds chirping in the forest,
Made his daughter smile.

He ran until,
He reached no-man’s land.
Dug a hole,
Saw his daughter cry in vain.

Threw her,
Down in the hole.
Buried her,
Deep in pain.

She cried,
She cried…
Until she stopped.

The silence of woods rang over the forest,
The birds are not chirping anymore.

Eleven year old Abdullah started to write poetry at the age of 8. He lives in Srinagar.