Women leading struggle against militarisation

On March 8, 2020 the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) commemorated the International Women's Day by sharing a video highlighting the struggles led by women in Palestine and across the world to resist military occupation and militarization. 

Generations of Palestinian women have led the resistance against Israel's settler colonialism, military occupation and apartheid. From Argentina to Myanmar, from the US to India, women are marching together to end the militarized oppression that engulfs our societies. And they are linking these locals struggles.

In India, the movement against the new citizenship law has been led and shaped by women. This law resembles Israel's law of return, that grants citizenship only to Jews. This resemblance is not by chance. India is the biggest buyer of Israeli weapons, alone purchasing 50% of Israels arms exports. The two states align with each other ideologically and methodologically. Hindutva and Zionism are similar ideologies of supremacy and exclusion. And the permanent suspicion and persecution of minorities and dissenters is as well common between these two states of India and Israel.

Our oppressors are united, but the unity of our struggles is stronger than them. And we can actualize this by taking forward the call for a military embargo on Israel and linking it with our struggles against militarization and Hindutva.

First published in BDS.