• Indore reverberates with the chant of ‘Hum Kaagaz Nahi Dikhaenge”

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    February 6, 2020

    The protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)-National Population Register (NPR)-National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the country have refused to abate. With the clarion call of “Hum Kaagaz Nahi Dikhaenge”, Indians throughout the country continue to gather in large numbers, despite the threat to their lives, to call out and condemn the fascist ruling government.

    At one such rally in Indore, thousands came together to protest against the CAA-NPR-NRC amid vehement opposition from the right-wing. Actress Swara Bhaskar who has been very vocal in her criticism against the government addressed the humongous crowd on Sunday, February 2, 2020 at the Mahalakshmi Maidan in the city, DB Post reported.

    इन्दौर में उमड़ी यह भीड़।
    संविधान बचाओ नारे के साथ हजारों लोग #CAA_NRCProtests में शामिल हुए।
    फिल्म अभिनेत्री स्वरा भास्कर ने लोगों को संबोधित किया।
    @ReallySwara pic.twitter.com/517JKe3x6m

    — Shakeel Akhtar (@shakeelNBT) February 2, 2020

    The crowd reverberated with the chant “Hum Kaagaz Nahi Dikhaenge” as Swara called upon them to reject the lies of the government.  


    Indore Protest against NRC_CAA_NPR

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    — Syed Arif Nizami (@arifnizami) February 4, 2020

    Taking a dig at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) an affiliate of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) she said that the government, sitting in Nagpur (RSS Headquarters) was spreading the intoxicant of hatred through the country. She said, “Those sitting in Nagpur will not decide our citizenship.”

    Asking for the citizens to be loyal to the Constitution and the country’s soil she said that the people shouldn’t be loyal to any government, as governments come and go. “We have unity in diversity and this is our specialty,” she said.

    🙏🏿♥️ #Indore #CAA_NRC_Protests https://t.co/wTSIUTq3NU

    — Swara Bhasker (@ReallySwara) February 2, 2020

    She also said that the government had a “one-sided love affair” with Pakistan. Saying that the government wanted to bring the CAA-NPR-NRC to drive out intruders from the country, she said, “Intruders are in government’s mind. They are obsessed with Pakistan and see its hand everywhere. It appears to be a one-sided love affair with Pakistan. There was already a law to give citizenship in the country and under that government gave Indian citizenship to Adnan Sami of Pakistan and now gave Padma Shri to him.”

    Social Activist Medha Patkar who was also at the rally, held the Constitution of India in her hands and said, “The Constitution has given rights to the people of the country, and who tries to trample the Constitution, will be crushed by the people.”

    For Madhya Pradesh CM Digvijaya Singh who was a part of the rally said that the ideology of Gandhi and Ambedkar would run in the country and not Godse’s or Golwalkar’s.

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