• Poems for Kashmir

    Abhishek Anicca

    August 9, 2019

    Image courtesy Pixabay

    the valley of forgetting

    it’s only august
    but no shikara
    can cut through the ice
    that has gripped the dal lake

    have you seen
    the water of jhelum
    as it turns into a reflection
    of flaming chinar leaves?

    pass me the kahwa

    and suddenly
    there’s hardly any news
    from the valley

    there are seasons in history
    when kashmir takes a break
    from our public memory

    unlike it’s tourist season
    which goes on, forever

    a holiday every season
    on the piece of land
    that we carry in our heads
    bereft of all its people

    Abhishek Anicca is a writer, poet and researcher based in Delhi.

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