• #WhatVotersWant: An Ode to the Cow

    Sankar Varma

    April 24, 2019

    Cartoon by Deepak Harichandan
    Image Courtesy: ThinkWorth

    I graze on fields while you graze on the country,
    My nature is not your nature,
    My dissent is your fetishism.

    I live and die for people,
    You live and kill for power,
    My power is not your power.

    I eat what I like,
    People eat what they like,
    You eat – not what you like
    but the people of a democracy.

    This is a part of a series What Voters Want, where young voters talk about what in their view, is at stake in this General Election. 


    Sankar Varma is an Economics student.

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