• The Rishikesh

    Leslie Xavier

    February 22, 2019

    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Amongst the crowd, the humanity, 
    its desires, prayers and tears,
    sit resolute the truth,
    meditative, calm, fierce and divine…
    Reflecting on emotions,
    on her sedate, blissful flow 
    through a town swarmed 
    by charmers and seekers.

    They seek and miss salvation;
    it was always in their grasp, though.
    Do they miss home?
    Where their truth lie,
    dusty inside lifeless attics.
    Truth, indeed, is where you were born,
    where you will be buried,
    not where you burn, wash off sins.

    Oh, reverent Rishikesh,
    are you still awake,
    or have you dozed off into infinity?
    Bored by 'em all…
    Resident monkeys,
    travelling monks,
    boy-band songs,
    and packaged yoga.


    A former national wrestler and karateka, Leslie is a sports writer by profession, while poetry flows free after bouts with philosophy.

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