• Joint Statement Promoting Safe Spaces Within the South Asian Arts Community

    Press Release

    December 24, 2018

    Image Courtesy: Your Story

    As active stakeholders in the South Asian arts community, we are concerned by the growing number of allegations of sexual harassment and reports of hostile work environments. These are serious concerns that need to be addressed with urgency. 

    The art world is amorphous in nature: social mobility is dependent on informal networking and personal and professional spaces cannot be easily separated. Survivors who publicly tell their stories face serious forms of retaliation. They are reluctant to disclose their identities because they fear losing work. As a community, we commit to ensuring that people who are speaking out are protected, and that professional opportunities are not denied to them. We respect the truth and stand in solidarity with those who come out with their stories. 

    We strongly object to the use of defamation as a method to intimidate and silence survivors and those who represent their interests. We call on all our peers; artists; curators; gallerists; collectors; writers; and heads of both public and private institutions to commit to the safeguarding of survivor accounts. We request them to rigorously advocate for open and supportive spaces that allow women, trans people, queer people, and those who have been disenfranchised by caste and class structures to voice their concerns and find support. 

    We pledge to collectively reflect, ideate and act on developing the necessary legal and informal support mechanisms to address these challenges. We will do our best to protect spaces for open conversations, and uphold basic codes of professionalism.

    The undersigned,

    1. Aashna Jhaveri, Artist, Mumbai

    2. Abdullah Qureshi, Visual Artist and Researcher, Helsinki

    3. Abhay Sardesai, Editor and Writer, Mumbai

    4. Abhineet Singh, Founder, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    5. Abhinit Khanna, Independent Arts Manager and Consultant, Mumbai

    6. Abhishek Hazra, Artist, Banglore

    7. Abir Karmakar, Artist, Baroda

    8. Adam Bainbridge, Musician, London

    9. Adam Szymczyk, Artistic Director, ducumenta 14, Athens/Kassel

    10. Aditya Kapoor, Photographer and Filmmaker, New Delhi

    11. Aditya Pande, Artist, New Delhi

    12. Adwait Singh, Independent Curator and Writer, New Delhi

    13. Afrah Shafiq, Artist/Filmmaker, Goa

    14. Akansha Rastogi, Senior Curator, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi

    15. Alok Vaid-Menon, Artist, New York

    16. Amar Kanwar, Artist, New Delhi

    17. Ameet Sikka, Fashion Stylist, New Delhi

    18. Amna Hashmi, Art Educator and Practitioner (Assistant Professor), COMSATS, University, Islamabad

    19. Amol K Patil, Artist, Mumbai

    20. Amshu Chukki, Artist, Bengaluru

    21. Andrew Ananda Voogel, Artist, Taipei

    22. Anisa Nariman, Food Writer and Chef, New Delhi, India

    23. Anita Khemka, Photographer, Delhi

    24. Anita Rani, TV Presenter, London

    25. Anjali Monteiro, Filmmaker and Academician, Mumbai

    26. Anjalika Sagar, Artist, The Otolith Group, London

    27. Ankur Tewari, Musician, Mumbai

    28. Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Artist and Professor, University of Rhode Island, Bangalore/Rhode Island

    29. Anoushka Shankar, Sitarist and Composer, London

    30. Anurag Banerjee, Photographer, Bombay

    31. Anusha Yadav, The Memory Company, Mumbai

    32. Anushka Rajendran, Curator, New Delhi

    33. Archana Hande, Artist, Bombay

    34. Arijit Bhattacharya, Artist, India

    35. Arnav Adhikari, Writer/Editor, New Delhi

    36. Arnika Ahldag, JNU, New Delhi

    37. Aruna Chandrasekhar, Independent Photojournalist, Bangalore

    38. Aruna Keshav, Assistant Director, GALLERYSKE, Bangalore

    39. Asmita Parelkar, Photographer, Mumbai

    40. Astha Butail, Artist, Gurgaon

    41. Aunohita Mojumdar, Editor, Himal Southasian, Colombo

    42. Avantika Bhuyan, Freelance Writer, New Delhi

    43. Avinash Veeraraghavan, Artist, Bangalore

    44. Ayesha Jatoi, Artist, Lahore

    45. Aziz Sohail, Curator and Writer, Karachi/Los Angeles

    46. Bharat Sikka, Photographer, New Delhi

    47. Bhavika Aggarwal, Designer, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    48. Bikkil Sthapit, Artist, Nepal

    49. Boshudhara Mukherjee, Artist, Bangalore/Mumbai/Kurseon

    50. Bunu Dhungana, Visual Artist, Kathmandu

    51. Chandrika Grover Ralleigh, Consultant, Cultural Strategy, New Delhi

    52. Charles Esche (Prof.), Director, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

    53. Chinar Shah, Artist, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

    54. Clare Lilley, Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, UK

    55. Cosmin Costinas, Director, Para Site, Hong Kong

    56. Cynthia Packert, Middlebury College, Vermont

    57. David Sanderson, Times Arts Correspondent, London

    58. Dayanita Singh, Artist, New Delhi

    59. Deborah Bruguera, Activist, Padova

    60. Deep Kailey, Creative Director, London

    61. Deepak Ananth, Art Historian and Curator, Paris, France

    62. Deepali Dewan, Senior Curator of South Asian Art & Culture, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

    63. Devika Bakshi, Writer and Teacher, Delhi

    64. Devika Daulet-Singh, Director, PHOTOINK, New Delhi

    65. Dhruv Malhotra, Photographer, Jaipur

    66. Dia Mehhta Bhupal, Artist, Hyderabad

    67. Diana Campbell Betancourt, Artistic Director, Samdani Art Foundation, Chief Curator, Dhaka Art Summit

    68. Dileep Prakash, Artist, New Delhi

    69. Dinesh Khanna, Photographer, Delhi

    70. Diva Gujral, PhD scholar, University College London, London

    71. Dr Emilia Terracciano, Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, London/Oxford

    72. Dr Rashmi Poddar, Director, Jnanapravaha, Mumbai

    73. Eesha Patkar, Editorial Manager, Saffronart, Mumbai

    74. Elvira Dyangani Ose, Director, The Showroom, London

    75. Emilia Bergmans, Founder, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    76. Fiza Khatri, Artist, Karachi

    77. Frances Morris, Director, Tate Modern, London

    78. Gabi Ngcobo, Independent Curator, Co-Director, Nothing Gets Organised (NGO), Lecturer, Wits School of Arts, Johannesburg

    79. Garima Gupta, Artist and Researcher, New Delhi

    80. Gauri Gill, Artist, New Delhi

    81. Gayatri Nair, Founding member, Chennai Photo Biennale/CPB Foundation, Chennai

    82. Guerrilla Girls, Artists, USA

    83. Hadrien Diez, Curatorial Advisor, Bengal Foundation, Dhaka

    84. Helmut Schippert, Co-Founder, Chennai Photo Biennale/CPB Foundation, Chennai

    85. Hem Partap Singh, Designer, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    86. Hena Kapadia, Gallery Director, TARQ, Mumbai

    87. Henri-Claude, Curator and Former Director of École de Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

    88. Himali Singh Soin, Writer and Artist, New Delhi/London

    89. Iftikhar Dadi, Director, South Asia Program, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

    90. Itisha Giri, Poet, Madrid/Kathmandu

    91. Jeroo Mullah, Social Communications & Media, Professor and Dancer

    92. Jessica Lim, Festival Director, Angkor Photo Festival, Singapore/Cambodia

    93. Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra, Artists, New Delhi

    94. Joe Paul Cyriac, Photographer, Thiruvananthapuram

    95. Jyoti Dhar, Art Critic, Colombo

    96. K. P. Jayasankar, Filmmaker and Academician, Mumbai

    97. Kai Altmann, Artist, Musician and Curator, Worldwide

    98. Kamayani Sharma, Art Critic, New Delhi

    99. Kanika Makhija, Artist and Researcher, Mumbai

    100. Karan Shrestha, Artist and Filmmaker, Kathmandu/Mumbai

    101. Karishma Dev Dube, Filmmaker, New York

    102. Karma Wangchuk, Artist, Bhutan

    103.Karthik Subramanian, Photographer, Chennai

    104. Kartik Sood, Artist, Shimla

    105. Kavan Balasuriya, Artist, Sri Lanka

    106. Ketaki Sheth, Photographer, Mumbai

    107. Kiran Nadar, Chairperson, KNMA, New Delhi

    108. Krishnaraj Chonat, Artist, Bangalore

    109. Kuldeep Patil, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi

    110. Kush Badhwar, Artist, Sydney/Mumbai

    111. Madhavi Gore, Artist, Bardez

    112. Madhuban Mitra, Artist, Kolkata

    113. Mahendra Sinh, Photographer, Mumbai

    114. Malini Kochupillai, Artist and Urban researcher, New Delhi

    115. Manas Bhattacharya, Artist, Kolkata

    116. Manishikha Baul, Performing Artist, Delhi

    117. Mario Ashley DSouza, Curator and Writer, New Delhi.

    118. Martha Rosler, Artist, Brooklyn, New York

    119. Medha Khosla, Designer Entrepreneur, ANOMALY, Delhi

    120. Meera Menezes, Art Writer, New Delhi

    121. Megha Rawla, Designer, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    122. Megha Roy, Copy-Writer, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    123. Mila Sambdub, Writer, New Delhi

    124. Mithu Sen, Artist, New Delhi

    125. Monali Meher, Artist, Gent, Belgium

    126. Mortimer Chatterjee, Director, Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai

    127. Munem Wasif, Artist, Dhaka

    128. Mustafa Khanbhai, Artist, New Delhi

    129. Nada Raza, Curator, Dubai

    130. Naeem Mohaiemen, Artist and Writer, Dhaka

    131. Nalini Malani, Artist, Mumbai

    132. Nandita Jaishankar, Editor, New Delhi

    133. Natasha Ginwala, Writer and Curator, Colombo

    134. NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, Director, Photo Kathmandu, Kathmandu

    135. Nihaal Faizal, Artist, Bangalore

    136. Nikhil Chopra, Artist, Bardez

    137. Nikhil Kaul, Designer, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    138. Nilanjana S Roy, Author, New Delhi

    139. Niranjan Kunwar, Education Consultant and Writer, Kathmandu

    140. Orijit Sen, Director, People Tree, Goa

    141. Ornella D'Souza, Senior Feature Writer, Daily News & Analysis (DNA), Mumbai

    142. Pakhi Sen, Artist, New Delhi

    143. Paribartana Mohanty, Artist, New Delhi

    144. Parni Ray, New Delhi

    145. Parul Vadhera, Director, Vadhera Art Gallery New Delhi

    146. Payal Khandwala, Painter and Clothesmaker, Mumbai

    147. Phalguni Desai, Writer and Producer, Mumbai

    148. Philippe Calia, Artist, Mumbai

    149. Philippe Pirotte, Rector Staedelschule and Director Portikus, Frankfurt

    150. Pooja Pant, Artist, Nepal

    151. Prabhakar Pachpute, Artist, Pune

    152. Prabhavathi Meppayil, Artist, Bangalore

    153. Prajakta Potnis, Visual Artist, Mumbai

    154. Praneet Soi, Artist, Kolkata/Amsterdam

    155. Prarthna Singh, Photographer, Mumbai

    156. Prashant Panjiar, Photographer and Curator, Goa

    157. Prateek Raja, Director, Experimenter, Kolkata

    158. Prawin Adhikari, Asst. Editor, La.Lit, Kathmandu

    159. Premjish, Curator and Critic, Delhi

    160. Preti Taneja, Writer, United Kingdom

    161. Princess Pea, The Pea Family Studio, Gurgaon

    162. Priyadarshini Ravichandran, Photographer, Auroville/Chennai

    163. Priyanka D'Souza, Artist, Mumbai

    164. Priyanka Raja, Director, Experimenter, Kolkata

    165. Pulak Bhatnagar, Designer, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    166. Pundoles, Mumbai

    167. Pushpamala N, Artist, Bangalore

    168. Qudsia Rahim, Executive Director, Lahore Biennale Foundation

    169. Rachel Spence, Poet and Arts Writer , London

    170. Radha Mahendru, Arts Manager and Filmmaker, Delhi

    171. Radhika Chopra, Collector, New Delhi

    172. Ragini Bhow, Artist, Bangalore

    173. Rahaab Allana, Curator and Publisher, New Delhi

    174. Rahel Aima, Writer and Editor, New York

    175. Rajyashri Goody, Artist, Pune

    176. Ramona Dmello, Digital Marketing Manager, Saffronart, Mumbai

    177. Randhir Singh, Photographer, New Delhi

    178. Ranjana Steinruecke, Director, Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai

    179. Ranjit Kandalgaonkar, Artist and Researcher, Mumbai

    180. Rashmi Sawhney, Associate Professor Film & Cultural Studies, Christ University, Bangalore

    181. Rashmi Varma, Designer, New Delhi

    182. Rebecca John, Curator and Researcher, Berlin

    183. Reeta Loi, Writer and Musician, CEO Gaysians, London

    184. Reetu Sattar, Artist, Dhaka

    185. Rhea Maheshwari, Assistant Director, GALLERYSKE, New Delhi

    186. Rishi Singhal, Discipline Lead – Photography Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

    187. Ritesh Uttamchandani, Photographer, Mumbai, India

    188. Rithika Merchant, Artist, Mumbai/Barcelona

    189. Ronny Sen, Photographer and Filmmaker, Kolkata

    190. Roobina Karode, Director and Chief Curator, KNMA, New Delhi

    191. Rosalyn Dmello, Art Writer and Author, New Delhi

    192. Roshni Vadhera, Director, Vadhera Art Gallery New Delhi

    193. Rudra Rakshit, Photographer, Bangalore/Pune/Sakleshpur

    194. Rupali Patil, Artist, Pune

    195. Sabih Ahmed, Researcher, Asia Art Archive in India, New Delhi

    196. Sadia Marium, Photographer, Dhaka

    197. Sahil Naik, Artist, Ponda

    198. Saif Hasnat, Journalist and Lyricist, United News of Bangladesh (UNB)

    199. Sakshi Gupta, Artist, Mumbai

    200. Salima Hashmi, Artist and Educator, Lahore

    201. Samira Bose, Writer and Researcher, New Delhi

    202. Sana Nasir, Art Director and Illustrator, Karachi

    203. Sandip Kuriakose, Artist and Writer, New Delhi

    204. Sania Galundia, Researcher and curator, Jaipur

    205. Sanjana Hattotuwa, Founding Editor, Groundviews.org, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    206. Sathi Guin, Artist, Baroda

    207. Savia Mahajan, Artist, Mumbai

    208. Saviya Lopes, Artist, Bombay

    209. Seher Shah, Artist, New Delhi

    210. Sethu Vaidyanathan, Trustee, CPB Foundation, Chennai

    211. Shahidul Alam, Photographer, Writer and Activist, Dhaka

    212. Shaleen Wadhwana, Independent Arts Professional, New Delhi

    213. Shanay Jhaveri, Curator, New York/Mumbai

    214. Sharareh Bajracharya, Chairperson, Srijanalaya, Kathmandu

    215. Shaunak Mahbubani, Curator, New Delhi

    216. Shazia Salam, Artist, Bangalore

    217. Sheela Gowda, Artist, Bangalore

    218. Sheelasha Rajbhandari, Artist, Artree Nepal, Kathmandu

    219. Sheena Dabholkar, LOVER Magazine, Nerul

    220. Shibesh Mehrotra, Copy-Writer, the Brewhouse, New Delhi

    221. Shireen Gandhy, Gallerist, Mumbai

    222. Shirley Bhatnagar, Artist and Designer, New Delhi

    223. Shiv Ankit Ahuja, Artist, Gurgaon

    224. Shivanjani Lal, Artist, Bombay/Sydney

    225. Shubigi Rao, Artist, Singapore

    226. Shuchi Kapoor, Founding member, Chennai Photo Biennale/CPB Foundation, Chennai

    227. Shumon Basar, Curator, Writer and Editor, Dubai/Berlin

    228. Sitara Chowfla, Curator, London/New Delhi

    229. Skye Arundhati Thomas, Writer and Editor, Mumbai

    230. Smita Prabhakar, Collector, Dubai

    231. Sneha Ragavan, Researcher, Asia Art Archive in India, New Delhi

    232. Sofia Karim, Architect & Artist, London UK

    233. Sohrab Hura, Photographer, New Delhi

    234. Solange Farkas, Director & Curator, Associação Cultural Videobrasil, São Paulo

    235. Sooni Taraporevala, Photographer, Screenwriter and Filmmaker, Mumbai

    236. Sosa Joseph, Artist, Kochi

    237. Soumyadip Ghosh, Researcher & Archive Manager, PHOTOINK, New Delhi

    238. Srinivas Kuruganti, Photographer, Mumbai

    239. Sudarshan Shetty, Artist, Mumbai

    240. Sukanya Ghosh, Artist, New Delhi

    241. Sumitra, Researcher and Curator, Bangalore

    242. Sunil Padwal, Artist, Mumbai

    243. Sunitha Kumar Emmart, Director, GALLERYSKE, Bangalore

    244. Suresh Kumar G, Artist and Arts Facilitator, Bangalore

    245. Swapnaa Tamhane, Artist and Curator, Montreal, CA

    246. Tania Bruguera, Artist, Havana

    247. Tanvi Mishra, Creative Director, The Caravan Magazine, Independent Curator, New Delhi

    248. Tanya Goel, Artist, New Delhi

    249. Tanzim Wahab, Chief Curator, Bengal Foundation, Dhaka

    250. Tara Kelton, Artist, Bangalore

    251. Tara Lal, Director, Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai

    252. Tarana Sawhney, Collector, New Delhi

    253. Tausif Noor, Curatorial Fellow, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

    254. Tejal Shah, Artist, Delhi

    255. Thomas Pouppez, Arts Manager, Kathmandu

    256. Trishla Talera, TIFA Working Studios, Pune

    257. Umer Butt, Director, Gallery Grey Noise, Dubai

    258. Urvashi Butalia, Publisher, Zubaan Books

    259. Ute Meta Bauer, Curator and Director, Center for Contemporary Art, NTU, Singapore

    260. Varun Gupta, Co-Founder, Chennai Photo Biennale/CPB Foundation, Chennai

    261. Varunika Saraf, Artist/Art Historian, Hyderabad

    262. Veera Rustomji, Artist, Karachi

    263. Veeranganakumari Solanki, Independent Curator/Art Writer, Pune

    264. Vidisha S, Artist-Curator, New Delhi

    265. Vidya Shivdas, Director, FICA, New Delhi

    266. Vidyun Sabhaney, Artist/Editor, Delhi

    267. Vivek Premachandran, Artist, New Delhi

    268. Yabya Kewat, Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts, Pune

    269. Yogesh S Barve, Artist, Mumbai

    270. Zain Masud, Art Advisor, London

    271. Zeenat Nagree, Writer, Mumbai

    272. Zishaan A Latif, Photography/Films, Mumbai

    273. Zubin Ekka, Arts Manager, GALLERYSKE, New Delhi


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