• Judge Loya Died Of Radioactive Isotope Poisoning, Alleges New Petition

    Nitish Kashyap

    November 22, 2018

    Advocate Satish Uke has filed a fresh criminal writ petition before the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court alleging that Judge BH Loya died due to radioactive isotope poisoning.

    In his 209-page criminal writ petition, Uke alleged that his life was in danger. The petition stated that advocates Shrikant Khandalkar and Prakash Thombre, who allegedly died in mysterious circumstances, had told Uke that Loya was poisoned with a radioactive isotope. According to the petition, Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah had met with Ratan Kumar Sinha, then Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, during Shah’s visit to Nagpur in March 2015 for three days. It was also alleged that all official records regarding this meeting have been wiped out.

    Speaking to Live Law, Uke alleged that according to him, this meeting was an indication that Loya was ultimately poisoned with a radioactive isotope. 

    Uke also said that he had spoken to Judge Loya in a video call after his colleagues Khandalkar and Thombre informed him that the judge wanted to talk to him. According to Uke, Judge Loya said he was threatened by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis regarding the Sohrabuddin encounter case.

    A ‘draft judgment’ on Amit Shah’s ( then a minister in the Gujarat government) discharge as the main accused in the Sohrabuddin case was already prepared by Judge Loya which he had shared with advocate Khandalkar, the petition stated. However, according to Uke, Khandalkar also died under mysterious circumstances as he was reportedly missing for two days before his body was found in the court premises.

    Apart from the radioactive poisoning, this is not the first time these allegations have been made by Uke.

    He had previously filed a petition wherein similar allegations of receiving threats and the mysterious deaths of his colleague advocate Khandalkar and Judge Loya have been mentioned.

    Advocate Prakash Thombre also died in May 2016 under ‘mysterious circumstances’ while on a train from Nagpur to Bangalore. According to Uke, heavy pipes, iron sheets and rods fell on his office in Nagpur on June 8, 2016. But he survived as he had left the office a few minutes earlier.

    Thus, Uke prayed for all the relevant documents to be kept in safe custody by the court as his life was in danger. The petition is yet to be mentioned before any bench.


    First published in The Citizen.

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