• Red Harvest: Two Poems

    Leslie Xavier

    November 5, 2018

    Red Harvest by David Spencer, 2017

    Urban Dissent

    In haste merge ideologies,
    in the morning rain,
    into a grey canvas
    stretched on my table;
    for thumb impressions,
    attesting a right, our freedom…

    A sign of life, in spate,
    the men rise, women roar, 
    our children march,
    Me too Urban Naxal!

    Red Harvest

    With a sunny disposition,
    the day begins 
    in a Gandhian pace.
    And gladly, with no remorse,
    Delhi wakes up to a reality,
    a democratic aberration.

    What can we harvest now?
    Gold… Coal or some national pride?
    Carried in lofty trains
    which float o'er reality;
    above the untouchables, 
    the red soil.
    What's left to reap now,
    the farmers writhe in pain
    under a khaki rain,
    as terror reign…


    A former national wrestler and karateka, Leslie is a sports writer by profession, while poetry flows free after bouts with philosophy.

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