• Over 900 Students of NIT Uttarakhand Vacate Campus in a Protest

    The ongoing agitation for a safe a permanent campus has reached its 20th day

    Newsclick Report

    October 24, 2018



    Over 900 students of NIT Uttarakhand, Garhwal Campus reportedly staged a walkout from the varsity over unfulfilled demand of a permanent campus. The ongoing agitation was launched post the death of two students – Nupur Munda and Neelam – as they were navigating their way through the campus that spans around the NH-58.

    The deceased students were commuting, juggling between lectures and lab sessions. An indefinite strike was launched on October 3.

    The current campus of eh varsity was not meant to be a permanent one, and a new campus was to be established in Sumari, 15 km from the present location. The land, however, was declared unfit for development and construction. Makeshift arrangements were made on the first floor of the polytechnic However, amidst these concerns the students organisation has stated that they do not support the demand of the shift in the campus. The students have alleged a hand in glove approach of the government and the administration to ensure that the campus does not take shape in the hilly region.

    Almost eight years have passed, but the college is still waiting for its own campus.

    Speaking to Newsclick, Atul Sati, a third year student from the technical institute said, “I had come to the national institute, once deemed at par with an IIT, with enormous hope. Students are demanding a campus that is safe and accessible for all, with facilities for students. This is the most basic and a legitimate demand.”

    While the NIT authorities have reiterated that they have sufficient funds, the allocation of land has been stalled by the government.

    With the ongoing blame game, it is the students who are now having to bear the brunt of misplaced priorities of the government. Another student added, “At the end of all of this, it is the students who are having to return home, our future has taken a hit.”

    Students also said that their future is at risk, as companies are often reluctant in holding placement tests in the campus, as it is in a remote location. The students are demanding that the land for the campus be allotted somewhere in the plains.

    Speaking to Newsclick, a protesting student stated, “The very basic essence of higher education is being compromised upon, and we can't sit silently.”


    First published in Newsclick.

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