• Statement on the event planned by Manipur Research Forum at the official residence of the Chief Minister of Manipur

    Statement by Academics

    October 18, 2018

    Manipur Research Forum (MRF) is organising a book event at the official residence of the Chief Minister of Manipur on the 18th of October 2018. This is to release an edited book; the editors of the book are members of the Forum and the articles are reprints from the Forum's journal – Eastern Quarterly.

    We, as contributors to the book and/or as Trustees of the Forum, would like to make this statement dissociating ourselves from the said event.

    Given the recent events in Manipur – the protest movement against the now suspended Vice Chancellor Prof. A.P. Pandey; the ensuing police action of midnight raid at the University reminiscent of dictatorial regimes; the arrests of teachers and students; their humiliation, and complete violation of their human rights. Under these conditions, it would be wrong to endorse the CM who has publicly justified the police raids and arrests of the members of the University community.

    There is a danger of events like the MRF book launch being used as PR exercise on the part of the Government to seek legitimacy with the help of intellectual bodies.

    As members of the intellectual fraternity, we stand in solidarity with the University community. And we request the organisers to cancel the event. 

    We would also like to appeal to the friends, colleagues, well wishers who have supported, participated, and/or contributed to the activities of the Forum to let the organisers know that you stand against this event.

    Tarunkumar Thounaujam

    Yengkhom Jilangamba

    Haripriya Soibam

    Gurumayum Amarjit Sharma

    Akhu Chingangbam

    Amrapali Basumatary

    Ashley Tellis

    Rohan D' Souza

    Babloo Loitongbam

    Anjuman Ara Begum

    Malem Ningthouja

    Thingnam Sanjeev

    Joy L.K. Pachuau

    Ram Wangkheirakpam

    Arambam Noni

    Sumitra Thoidingjam

    Ranjana Naosekpam

    Trina Nileena Banerjee

    Seram Rojesh

    Deben Sharma

    Deepak Naorem

    Binalakshmi Nepram


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