Audrey Truschke: “The cancellation of my lecture is an indication of shrinking spaces for rational thought in public discourse in India.”

In the latest editon of #WritersTalkPolitics historian Audrey Truschke speaks to Souradeep Roy and Ishita Mehta, members of the editorial collective of the Indian Writers' Forum. In this excerpt from the entire conversation, Trushke presents her version of the events that transpired in Hyderabad. She was invited by the Krishnakriti Foundation in collaboration with History for Peace to deliver a talk titled "Unpopular Stories: Narrating the Indo-Islamic Past and and Navigating Present Day Prejudices". In this interview she says that the Foundation disinvited her after the Hyderabad Police received letters complaining about her work. She sees her cancellation as part of a larger trend in India where freedom of speech and expression is constantly curbed. She also says that this does not bode well for rational arguments in the public discourse in India today.