• बलात्कारविषयी नवीन अध्यादेश: आग रामेश्वरी बंब सोमेश्वरी

    Sarita Awad

    April 26, 2018

    Following the rape cases of Kathua and Unnao, sensible and sensitive citizens of this country are really disturbed. What is even more worrisome than the brutality of the these cases, is the support that these accused have managed to garner. Adding fuel to the fire, leaders and politicians are making statements that are underrating the magnitude of the 'one or two rape cases in a huge country like India'.  The PM, after maintaining silence for the longest while, asked these leaders to refrain from making such irresponsible statements that damage the reputation of the party. However, he did not ask them to rethink and reconsider their views.

    The recent ordinance the government has brought that recommends death penalty for the gang rape of a minor below the age of 12 years is very more problematic. Rape is a horrible crime. Its classification on the basis of age of the victim is absurd. Also, this ordinance, in a way, gives a message to the criminals that if you want to save yourself from the death penalty, make sure that the evidence or witness of your crime — the victim — disappears. Focus should be, instead, on punishing those, who are responsible for hindering the legal procedure and spreading false propaganda. We should also remember that both women and men are humans. They deserve to be treated like humans.



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