• A Poem for Hadiya

    Ananya Guha

    November 30, 2017


    A twenty five year old 
    marries a Muslim
    love is a jihad 
    love jihad

    Even love is metamorphosis 
    into rocks of Syria 
    and the rocks smash 
    her in her home 
    till providential judgement 
    decrees she is still a student 

    What happens to love 
    or to the jihad?

    I love my husband 

    She maintains stoic 
    the whole world is stoic 
    only some laugh 
    some of course weep 

    For a love wiped off tendrils 
    the plant withering 
    into abyss. 

    Ananya S Guha is a writer based in Shillong. He works at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) as a senior academic.

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