Independent Publishing in India: Aainanagar

In the latest on our series on independent publishing in India, we speak to Nandini Dhar, co-founder and co-editor of Aainagar. It calls itself an "online little magazine", and its name has come from a song by Lalon Fakir: আমার বাড়ির কাছে আরশিনগর, তাতে এক পড়শি বসত করে। আমি একদিনও না দেখিলেম তারে  (A neighbour dwells in the city of mirrors near my home – oh I never saw his face). In the course of the interview with Souradeep Roy, Dhar explains  the bilingual nature of the magazine, their forays into publishing and book-making, which has resulted in books as diverse as diverse as শ্রমিক আইন বদল (a treatise on the current changes in labour laws in India), and Five, a collaborative project with Vayavya that brought out five chapbooks of poems in English.

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