• Deepavali Poem for Gauri

    Kavitha Lankesh

    October 23, 2017


    Yes, it is that time
    Lights twinkle and glitter and
    And the sound of Pataki
    Going  bang,  boom, crack
    Fill the air.   
    But I hear not  Pataki
    But the sound of a gun…
    Going  bang, boom, crack
     “We heard Pataki sound
    The neighbours said..”
    It was not Pataki
    But  bullets from a gun
    That ended my sister
    Spreading darkness..
    I remember a time I burst the biggest of ‘bombs;
    and revelled in the sound…
    But now  I hear the burst of crackers
    Going  bang, boom, crack
    I hear Gunshots
    Repeatedly piercing ..
    Through my sister’s frail body
    They gave a state honour for my sister
    With three rounds of gun shots in the air
    But when the last gun shot went
    bang, boom, crack
    I clutched my sister-in-laws hand
    Tighter and tighter
    And died a little inside.
    When the final round was shot
    There was loud rumble
    From the dark cloudy sky above
    It was as if Gauri, my sister
    growled like a lion…



    First published in Sabrang India.

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