• #StopAdani : Protests in Australia Against Adani’s Venture of Carmichael Coal mine

    ICF team

    October 14, 2017

    Protesters in Australia



    A venture of the Adani group in Australia has stirred up a controversy. The Adani group, founded and chaired by an Indian billionaire businessman, Gautam Adani has sought a loan of 900 Million dollars from Australia. Adani is accused of illegal dealings, bribery, environmental and social devastation; corruption, fraud and money laundering in India. The Adani group has now entered Australia with a project to construct the Carmichael coal mine. Thousands of protesters staged protests in various parts of Australia. Following are the few pictures from the protest in Australia.





    Protesters argued that this project would result in destruction of the environment and contribute to the increasing level of global warming.


    Human formation saying Stop Adani

    #Stop Adani

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