• Fragments of Desire in Delhi

    Rajorshi Das

    August 24, 2017

    Image courtesy: Rajorshi Das


    Delhi sets like embers

    Falling into the cracks

    Of dismembered flesh

    Of everyday exhaustion

    And dying desires


    Why do you come to me like the Delhi rain

    Breezy and scattered

    When I pant for a memory whole

    Of bruised bodies

    Coloured and caked

    Like the softness

    Of a noisy hometown

    Scurrying past the trams

    Of one College Street….


    Beyond intrusive lights

    And shimmering darkness

    I strain to hear your voice

    Peeling past the rain drops

    Of an autumn evening,

    Calling out for the shadow

    Of a boy who once danced

    Amidst the howling hooligans.

    Stripped school uniforms

    And wet emotions.

    He remembers you not.


    Rajorshi Das is a Queer poet obessesed with the idea of love. When not cracking jokes on cis-men, he tries to feel good by giving lectures on feminism and nationalism in classrooms.

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