• Two Poems

     Amrita Bhattacharyya

    August 1, 2017

    Image: Shoili Kanungo

    A Journey, Backward

    Writing on the bark of a tree, sometimes, seems to be tricky
    Than writing a propos to a tree.
    We stretched one of our legs each
    And, with other two creased,
    Tried to form a cave;
    A cave where light embezzles its siesta
    After a tedious journey from
    Love-me to love-me-not.

    It was a sultry breeze that waited a long to brazen out the mirror.
    The mirror was hidden… Beneath a deep-delved shadow
    Of promiscuity.  We tunneled the coward earth,
    Tore up leaves unbuttoned—yellow and green—
    Crushed, kissed, molested, adored
    Every sprout, every leaf, every single strip of brown bark
    To discern
    Who are yet to bear with the warmth of our mortal love?

    And, so, with this pen-ridden hand
    Holding upwards under this glare of known devils
    We are still struggling to escape
    The labyrinth of our own roots…

    A Suicide-Note

    Time slowed to a crawl.
    She got down andFound her own home
    Unknown than ever before.
    The question that loomed large over her
    Was unidentified, as usual.

    The door was ajar; unafraid to welcome truth.
    He knew how to paint tattoos: black roses, green lizards,
    Red ships and silver suns. He learnt how to nosh poison to
    Himself. He did not know the art of digestion.
    Or else he would have ingested
    His failure to spot color in an object
    And, thus, he enlivened black roses, green lizards, red ships and silver suns.

    Chemicals usually emit stringent smells.
    She clasped a hand over her nose and
    Started moving sideways.


    Amrita Bhattacharyya is an Assistant Professor at the department of English Studies and Research in Amity University, Kolkata. Many of her poems, written in Bengali and English, have been published in renowned literary magazines. She is currently compiling a collection of poems for publication.

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