• Assumption: A Non-Veg Verse

    Sanju Clement

    July 31, 2017

    Image Credit: Shoili Kanungo


    Punch – I

    I am the Promethean rebel-lion!

    Truly, my stomach pains and derails
    When I eat vegetables
    Even for a little green-week.

    My hunger is more red and blue.
    More holiness craving passion.
    More core to me than your imposing
    Dark-kindness and darker-laws.

    Oh, Cow-vigilantes,
    You are a communal-volcano
    Of evolved cowards and parasites.
    You should prefer green-tea now.
    Holy cow’s milk is meant for calves.

    But I am the Promethean rebel-lion!

    I want both, holy cow’s holy-milk and holy-flesh.
    Simply because, I too want to pen an Epic
    Like the butcher turned first poet Valmiki,
    Who penned the first Epic, Ramayana, after feasting
    So many holy cows’ holy-milk and holy-flesh.

    Ha, Cow-protectors became Green
    And saffron everywhere by eating and ruminating
    Age-old as well as modern Grass,
    Surviving-dead-literature and Vedic-violence.

    You can't digest the ancient holy-truth that
    I am divine Red and royal Blue
    In blood and in life,
    For holding dynamic-future,
    Penning about Himalayan-pasteurization
    And pounding the Earth,

    Dawn to dusk,

    In a milky-way,

    In a fleshy-way!

    Punch – II 

    My beloved
    country was never
    a milch India.
    My beloved
    country is a tolerant

    Oh, Cow-guardians,
    you are
    the inventors
    of nomadic-hatred.
    You are
    the theorists
    of evolved-intolerance.

    Like your Vedic-
    you are poisoning
    the modern-veins
    and social-structure of my land,
    Its ancient

    I am the patriotic
    Promethean rebel-lion!

    I will bury
    your dividing Sanghi-fungi
    I will bury your cow and bull
    beyond the folding folders
    of the non-religious Arabian sea.

    I will fight
    for universal Beef-Biryani-
    I will fight
    for my country’s 
    secular appetite.

    I will lynch down
    the bloody henchmen
    in their theatre of bloodshed.
    I will trumpet
    their defeatism
    in every Non-Veg ear and air.

    But oh! 
    Poor vegans, don’t worry,
    be green and be happy always.
    Because, this verse
    is never meant for you.

    This is a Universal
    Non-Veg verse.

    This is a raw-
    meat roasting wisdom.

    This is a
    purified punishment
    using Promethean-fire.

    This is a divinely-
    programmed rebellion.

    This is a solar-flare
    the blinding-intolerance
    and the well-known cunningness
    and the barbarism of the
    “Survival Of The Fittest”!


    Sanju Clement hails from Kerala. He is currently compiling his collection of love and political/protest poems.

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