A Young Indian Muslim’s Honest Reaction to the Recent Lynching
Lynching and killing of Muslims have become a common occurance in India. Government is directly backing these Hindutva terrorists who function in the name of Gauraksha.
Most of the instances of mob lynching are from the northern part of India — specifically from Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand — where BJP is the ruling party.
The Prime Minister who tweets about every incident that takes place outside our country, to be in the limelight, tweets nothing about these lynching.
Law and order has become a joke at present. People have started considering these lynching attacks as part of the routine.
Ironically, Bhagwa terrorists who attacks innocents, record the violence and share it on social media. And these videos receive the appreciation of many people, the attrocities are even justified.
I ask, is there is any humanity left in our society? Just see the level of hatred, an innocent 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death in the name of beef. How Shamefull!
Every day we hear incidents of lynching. I do not need to slap or kick anybody to get targeted and lynched. My very existence is offending the majority.
Forget about Pakistan (I don't consider Pakistan as a Muslim country), have you ever heard of non-Muslims being lynched in public in any muslim majority country? No, You must not have.
Who is accountable for these murders? Fine, the government is hiding it's failures by blaming a certain section of the poppulation, but what about the mindset of the people? This not a simple issue. Islamophobia is openly being promoted by a few sold-out media houses and paid trolls. It is a filthy game being played by the ruling majority in the name of cow and nationalism.
When I try to counter Pakistanis on social media, by telling them that "India is my country and we are proud to be Indian", they ask me about the recent lynching and systematic oppression on Muslims by the majority. I am unable to answer them.
We say "Mera Bharat Mahan", but deep down we know what is the bitter reality.
"Jalte ghar Ko dekhne waalo poos ka chappar aapka hai,
Aaag ke peeche tez hawa hai aage muqaddar aapka hai,
Uske Qatl pe Mai bhi chup tha mera number ab aaya,
Mere Qatl pe aap bhi chup jo agla number aapka hai."
– Poet Nawaz Deobandi