• Not On My Train

    Rita Bhattacharjee

    July 3, 2017


    From the digital collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art


    Let's go ride a train
    let's go ride a train today
    there'll be people we can kill 
    none on board will have a say

    let's go ride a train
    and watch the wheels go round and round
    those menschen we sent to Auschwitz
    not a trace of them ever was found

    let's go ride a train
    like we did in the good old days
    do you remember how much fun
    it was to set those folks ablaze?

    let's go ride a train
    our tickets we must buy
    only those of our tribe can travel with us
    we'll stop anyone else who tries

    let's go ride a train
    we'll listen to the whistle blow
    we'll be the only ones on board
    before you even know.



    Rita Bhattacharjee is a communications consultant and the co-founder of Mission Arogya and Arogya HomeCare. She also writes poetry, which have been published in The Copperfield Review, Contemporary Literary Review, Camel Saloon and other journals.

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